Iain Duncan Smith is perpetuating a twisted myth

New Approach

& it’s the long term sick who are paying
the > ultimate < price

Iain Duncan Smith has got away with this for far too long….

(1) Tragic consequences 

It’s too late for 50 year old Trevor Drakard who had permanent brain damage and uncontrollable epilepsy.  Sadly Trevor hung himself after being ordered to take part in work related activity, the Daily Mirror reports the story here

Work Related Activity is what a claimant is expected to undertake despite being assessed under very strict rules as unfit for work.  Being placed in the Work Related Activity Group requires a claimant (such as Trevor Drakard) to work with the DWP and private Work Programme providers like the infamous A4E to prepare for work. Many people such as Trevor find the regime far too stressful and injurious to their health.

The disgraceful Secretary of State for Work & Pensions Minister has been feeding…

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