More Details Of The Shirebrook JobCentre Situation

Same Difference

Remember this post, readers?

I’ve just recieved full details of the situation from Paul Yates at the Welfair Foundation:

Hi, Not sure if there is anything in particular you would like to know, if there is then please don’t hesitate to ask. The more information that gets out about this the better. Please feel free to post any or all of the following information on online. A local lady (Shirebrook) recently received a letter from Shirebrook Jobcentre giving her an appointment for a work-focused interview. She is in the Support Group of ESA and in receipt of both the care component and mobility component of PIP at the enhanced rate. She is severely disabled and very frightened about what lies ahead for her now in regards to sanctions/workfare etc. She telephoned Shirebrook Jobcentre to enquire whether there had been a mistake and they informed her that all ESA claimants, including…

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