Peter Duut’s Widow Now Left Penniless By DWP- Even Without Dutch Survivor’s Pension.

Same Difference

Same Difference has been back in touch with LJ Duut, widow of Peter Duut, whose situation, very sadly, apears to be getting worse.

Earlier today, Monday 15 Sept, LJ Duut posted this on Facebook:

OK- as the situation stands- all benefits ceased in the UK and no Survivors benefit paid from the Netherlands. Not too bothered yet although I am not quite sure what time banks close there now? as it is an hour ahead. Well done UK gov yet again! stopping all benefits before waiting to see if I actually received anything?

Then this a couple of hours later:

It is now 18.02hrs in the Netherlands- nothing went into my account today. Therefore I have been honest yet the UK gov has jumped the gun and stopped everything even saying they ‘ want’ anything I receive- before waiting to see if I actually did get anything – therefore the…

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