Sky buys majority stake in Love Productions

Well on searching Google tonight for the twitter account of Love Productions the company that makes a buck out of the UK’s most vulnerable citizens I was surprised to see a page from Sky which carried a press release.

It states that recently Sky brought a majority stake in Love Productions, so when many of you vent your anger at this company over Benefit Street it is worth remembering the latest episode is being financed with funds from Sky.

“Sky has acquired a 70 per cent stake in Love Productions, one of the UK’s leading independent production companies. The investment forms part of Sky’s strategy to grow a broad, international content business spanning broadcasting, production and distribution. 

Love Productions is a UK-based independent production company. Founded in October 2004 by Richard McKerrow and Anna Beattie, Love Productions specialises in thought-provoking, entertaining television for the UK and international markets.  It has production bases in London, Bristol, New York and Los Angeles.
Love Productions has a proven track record of producing award-winning, ground-breaking programmes across a range of genres.  This includes hit formats such as Great British Bake-off and Great British Sewing Bee and agenda-setting documentaries such as Baby Borrowers, Famous Rich and Homeless, Benefits Street, Make Bradford British and My Last Summer”


3 thoughts on “Sky buys majority stake in Love Productions

  1. Have always wondered why people watch tv, especially Sky! Anything at all to do with Murdoch is bound to be suspect, and of course, biased.

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