Jan RIP – Open Letter to David Cameron from Jessica McCarnun



Dear Prime Minister,

How many people have to die before you realise that cutting into the valuable services that vulnerable people rely on is not only wrong, but extremely sick. Last night I had news that a beautiful, kind, caring soul of a lady has died, and all because the services around her failed her due to the cuts YOU HAVE CREATED.

She needed a wheelchair, but was denied, this left her housebound.

She did what you wanted she downsized because of the Bedroom Tax into a flee ridden pit. What did your legacy do, cause her more pain by making her lose her home, and then to top it off not deliver the equipment she needed because YOU ARE SWIPING THE FUNDS THE LOCAL AUTHORITY NEED.

When you first graced the doors of number 10 you claimed the vulnerable would be safe, you claimed that the disabled would be cared for. So why are they dying around me quicker than I can blink please.

It makes me feel sick to think that whilst you fill your stomach with 5 star food and laugh your way to the bank, it’s costing lives. You are hacking into vital services needed to sustain life, and care for those who really need support. Are you proud?

I feel ill, and every waking day have dedicated my life for the past few years to helping these people, but this lady I missed, and I blame you for creating this disgusting vile situation.

I think if you had one once of grace in your bones you would slime away and walk now

I have a whole different level of emotion for you than hate, or disgust, this is unimaginable, and belongs in the pit of my nightmares.

I am counting down the days until you go, because Ed Milliband will do a far better job than you, I can see it in his eyes, he cares.

I am a red girl all the way to the moon and back, we are coming and my god look out, because 2015 is the time you end up in tears, when you lose the election.

However sadly all those we have lost we will never get back, and the people will never ever forget what you and your legacy have done to us all





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