Lies, Lies and more Lies just when will it end.

Well following on from my last letter to DWP HQ discounting much of what they said in this  long running complaint I have had another letter from them it is much the same bullshit baloney however it is building up a fantastic case in law which I am sure any judge will read with glee.

This is a classic case of #DWPChaos right before my readers eyes and is astounding that it has reached this far as despite sending in much evidence in my last reply to them they still lie and make up there letters as they go along with any checks what so ever.

Being a Governmental Department and one of the biggest I do not know whether to laugh or cry

This follows on from this blog:

and the whole shenanigans can be read here:

Todays Letter:

DWP Letter 22-07-2014 P1 EDITED

DWP Letter 22-07-2014 P2


Now lets go through this piece of trash and again debunk it

Firstly in paragraph two they state that Angela McDonald was given incorrect information in regards to when my ESA Claim was migrated now is that a cop out? I think so as all the information is there on a screen in front of her and more the case is that she failed to check her facts. That is maladministration.

In paragraph three they still maintain the reason for not informing me of the cessation of my claim was due to system errors that I still find hard to believe unless there computer systems really are that bad although I still maintain that a department as big as the DWP dealing with many millions of claims would have back up systems in place.

In paragraph four they quote regs 29 and 35 but as my claim was pre April 2013 these are the wrong regs to quote as my claim would have come under regs 25 and 31 a minor detail as they are effectively the same but wrong none the less and shows there incompetence.

In paragraph five they say they do do not discriminate against there customers really when an upper tier court case for those with MHP’s says you do.

In paragraph seven it says you do not have such a request for requesting the ESA85, well you won’t as it was requested via phone at the same time I requested the Statement of Reasons.

In paragraph eight you state my medical conditions are not in dispute I believe they are because if they was not we would not be here now and as for the WCA you still maintain I had one which is not the case I was put straight in WRAG without an assessment.

Now the biggest lie of all in paragraph nine you now state that there was NOT specific grounds for the anytime revision requested on the 15th December 2013 despite a complaints resolution manager saying there was and thus had been accepted that will look good in front of a judge as it clearly shows your incompetence especially in my last letter I enclosed the letter that stated this.

Lying is one thing but lying in the face of evidence that says different is amazing

They further state my claim was not made in ignorance of the facts I beg to differ and would say that is exactly the case and they further say that the Tribunal service is not looking into the nature of my case and only if it is valid really! if that is the case tell me why today I also got a letter from HMCTS asking me to send back the enquiry form and submit further evidence I would say the appeal is going ahead and I look forward to my day in court were I can debunk all your lies indeed I have enough evidence for it to be dealt with on the papers but feel the need to attend.

Be sure to comply with the judges orders which you have not done to date.


One thought on “Lies, Lies and more Lies just when will it end.

  1. Oh Leon, I so feel for you – what a catastrophe of errors!
    You ask when will these Lies end? In my mind only when people stop thinking ignoring the real damage the Lies are doing and take a stand – can’t envisage this though – can you!
    Its fantastic you are still fighting your case and I continue to wish you all very best and hope you will prevail

    Here if you need me xx

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