Another Government ‘Fag packet’ proposal for Benefit Sanctions & Cuts ?

I had CBT and you are right in saying it does not work for everyone as it never did and never will work for me as my brain is irreversibly damaged due to blood starvation because of SAH/Stroke


Rarely do I come across a Tory Policy proposal that makes me both Smile (albeit at the irony) and Shudder (with fear); but today’s report in the Telegraph does exactly this; “Hundreds of thousands of benefit claimants face being stripped of their state allowances if they refuse to undergo treatment for anxiety and depression“, this worries me on several levels.

The article quotes their source as saying “We know that depression and anxiety are treatable conditions. Cognitive behavioural therapies work and they get people stable again but you can’t mandate people to take that treatment“; I totally agree with the closing proviso but the apparent claim CBT works for depression and anxiety is False.

Firstly Depression is not a ‘one size fits all’ disorder, there are different types of this debilitating illness, and a notion it can be conveniently summed up to enforce potentially damaging treatment is downright…

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3 thoughts on “Another Government ‘Fag packet’ proposal for Benefit Sanctions & Cuts ?

  1. Leon, you are absolutely right.

    Many are unaware of the war of attrition that had been shamefully going on for decades between a gang of trick cyclists peddling CBT and patients with ME/CFS. A kind of pilot scheme for UNUM’s abusive BPS Model of illness now used against all disabled people by Atos and the DWP.

    Despite the World Health Organisation having recognised ME as a neurological disorder for more than half a century, patients are routinely fobbed off with CBT brainwashing and physical jerks (despite ME patients having exercise intolerance and this triggering exacerbations).

    Sufferers of ME for decades have routinely been SECTIONED UNDER THE MENTAL HEALTH ACT (despite no disagnosed MH disorder, just ME which is neurological) to force them to submit to this regime, should they fail to cooperate.

    Over the years many ME patients have died as a direct result of the CBT and ‘graded exercise’ regimes, often with it triggering heart attacks. And at best CBT has been shown only to have a placebo effect which wears off very quickly.

    One article is here (there is also a massive amount of other research available online):

    Incidentally CBT owes far more to PHILOSOPHY than it does to psyhology or evidence-based sceince. It is based on Humanism (which defines itself as a religion) and was developed by two noted Humanists. It also has huge elements of New Thought (dumbed down Theosophy/occultism) and Christian Science (‘you create your own reality’, ‘bad karma’ and all that rot). As such it is deeply incompatible with Christianity and many other world faiths – but PATIENTS ARE NOT TOLD THIS IN ADVANCE, AND THEREFORE INFORMED CONSENT IS RARELY IF EVER BEING OBTAINED. Just something to consider in a country that is a signatory to human rights legislation allowing freedom of religion and belief.

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