Rumour turned to Speculation? Cameron’s reshuffle will be bigger than thought

David Cameron is preparing to carry out a far wider reshuffle of his government than had previously been thought.

Several sources in Whitehall have told me to expect substantial changes when the prime minister reshapes the team that he will lead in to the election.

The consensus until now was that apart from a few Cabinet retirements, most of the changes would focus on refreshing the lower ministerial ranks. But I am told Mr Cameron is thinking big in the reshuffle that he is expected to carry out early next week.

One source said: “I think it is going to be bigger than we thought.”

Another said: “Last time was a mini reshuffle. This will be a proper reshuffle. Prepare for rabbits out of a hat.”

Reshuffle speculation is by definition just that. Most of the decisions are known only to the prime minister, his chief of staff and the cabinet secretary, and many have yet to be made.

But here are a few unsubstantiated predictions shared with me by ministers, MPs and officials:


2 thoughts on “Rumour turned to Speculation? Cameron’s reshuffle will be bigger than thought

  1. Reblogged this on stewilko's Blog and commented:
    IDS, should be sacked, because of incompetence and bare faced lies. McVey to become Culture Secretary, thats another joke. Both should be brought in front of a human rights court

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