It’s Not Rocket Science and we are so not in Kansas anymore.

Well dear Reader here we are again.. Been contemplating my next Blog and thought I would aim for something positive but I’m just so angry and in pain that’s not going to happen today.

15 years of a rare heart condition being completely ill managed by the Medical Profession. Not through want of trying on my part. No shrinking violet me.. A true ‘tenacious terrier’ my husband calls me..
The files on letters, emails etc I’ve written to try and get help ,are now so heavy I can’t lift them.

People say
‘hey you have a rare condition so that must make the Doctors act quicker to help..’ Sheer bullshit.

Found my first Cardiac Consultant letter of 15 years ago the other day it read ..’this patient is neurotic ..’ So now 5 cardiologists later… Exhaustion beyond words, a heart op which didn’t work and left me with more problems……

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