Operational EXCELLENCE Director

OK I need to ask a question and get peoples thoughts on it so please post your comments here.

As most will know when you follow the DWP Complaints Resolution process if you are not happy you can go one step further to Operations Director before handing complaint over to Independent Case Examiner.

Now that is the stage in this mammoth process I am at and had a baloney reply that was full of in-corrections but not only that it was signed off from Operational Excellence Director.

Now it is my belief that there is no such post within the DWP and this was just a hash to make the letter sound good, official in the hope I will go away indeed it is the contents of the letter that has drawn me to this conclusion and that the complaint was no doubt dealt with by a civil servant minion.

I would be grateful for ones thoughts on this as I have sent a reply here:


But if my assumption is true it adds further fire to this complaint, it would be interesting to know if anyone else has had letters signed the same.

Operation Directors Letter 18-06-2014 P1 edited


Operation Directors Letter 18-06-2014 P2


6 thoughts on “Operational EXCELLENCE Director

  1. you should now they make it up has they go along but funny replys could be a way of one thinking you have evenualy got to top tier iand yours is a lost case just carry on to the next stage but sadly getting them to say they wrong isn’t their way has we found out jeff3

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