All the gone Pseuds: Debt collection, Chicago style

Lawyer Watch

The Guardian has added to a series of stories alleging, “Britain’s high-street banks are routinely issuing legal demands from what appear to be independent firms of solicitors designed to make struggling borrowers pay up. Yet the firms are not regulated by the legal profession’s watchdog, and are simply names used by banks’ in-house lawyers.” They allege the following:

• Royal Bank of Scotland and its NatWest arm have been using Green & Co Solicitors in Telford;
• Lloyds Bank uses SCM Solicitors in Hove, East Sussex,
• HSBC used DG Solicitors in Edgbaston, Birmingham (until January 2014).
No such firms existed on the SRA’s register, we are told. Other interesting characteristics of the letters are said to be:
• “the letters are signed by a lawyer who is individually regulated by the SRA.”
• Borrowers are often told their case has, “been escalated to a third party, using legal language…

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