My Apologies Mr Cameron

Today Mr Cameron I would like to give you my apologies, you see I have not grown up to aspire to what you want out of me.

I apologise for becoming very gravely ill at an early age of just 27 years old suffering from an SAH/STROKE that so nearly killed me perhaps it may of suited you better if I did die, but then that was not my fault either as I was looked after by the excellent NHS you seek to destroy.

I apologise for needing to take 18 months off work to enable me to recover enough to go back to work but I did ensure that this was the least time needed given the severity of my disabilities as I would have taken more time to ensure I was fully fit before I returned but do understand that by doing that it did not fit to your ideals after all we are not here on this planet to make the most of life but to slave at work till we drop indeed that has become true with what you have legislated with work programmes and zero hour contracts, one really does wonder what life would be for me if I had another stroke tomorrow.

I apologise for only being able to work post SAH/Stroke for 17 years you see I would have loved to have worked longer only by then in September 2007 I was made redundant due to the financial crash and a lack of lending to SME’s which meant the business I was working for had to fold, oh I managed a short period of agency work until March 2008 but even that dried up so was left between a rock and a hard place that need a think of my next move.

Mr Cameron I again apologise but I decided to go to my GP to get another course of physiotherapy because I must admit my right sided spasticity was playing second fiddle to my working and by this time my joints were in a bad state and deformed and thus my GP signed me off with a MED 3 as he said I was pushing myself too hard and needed a period of physiotherapy and rest.

So I apologise as I needed to claim Incapacity Benefit so I could support my family and pay the bills which are always on the up and never down due to that ugly face of capitalism but the saving grace was at least I never had to turn to Wonga! as I had a caring family.

That Incapacity Benefit was just shy of £400 once I reached the top rate not a lot of money by any means and just short change for someone like yourself but to me it was a lot and with my good wife’s earnings was able to live in working man’s comfort.

You see Mr Cameron I really wanted to work until retirement as I enjoyed the working life working with comrades having holiday’s with family as holidays were special then as it was a goal to work too whilst looking forward to retirement and days full of wonder but my apologies as for me it was not to be and now take each day as it comes as can hardly afford treats

My highlight now is the weekly trip to the supermarket.

But even that is a score against me according to your defunct WCA, as is having a dog who brings great benefits in my illnesses

£400 appears to be too much support for me as the ESA WRAG I was on you have taken away and left me at the destitute of those I have bills and debts to pay that I can never forgive Mr Cameron.

You have waged a war against me in which I was never the cause of and which I will never apologise for as I have done NOTHING WRONG, Indeed we as a family have been good citizens to this nation whilst saving this and previous governments a fortune by not claiming assistance with mortgage interest and caring for our elderly mother at home, hell even the little disability support I was getting I never claimed until out of work in 2007.

How you fuckin have the cheek to label me a feckless scrounger I will never know and that Mr Cameron stinks and fucking hurts after all I have done to bail out this shitty government.

Your welfare reform is nothing about reform or modernising and is purely a means to cut support from the most needy which you do by any means possible even if it means breaking the law of justice.

You Mr Cameron are one mean evil fucker without an ounce of compassion understanding or empathy.

Your days are numbered in office and I for one look forward to the celebration when you are gone as you will be remembered as one of the nations worse prime ministers to ever rule over our once great nation.

P.S I make no apology for the strong words as you deserve every one.





17 thoughts on “My Apologies Mr Cameron

      • Yes absolutely, no rational at all for what he is doing which will take years to put right, I have a lovely two year old grandson and I do wonder what kind of life we are leaving behind for him.

    • indeed it’s the likes of Cameron who are responsible for all of the violence in the world you cant run a country like Cameron does and expect to be given an easy ride at home or for the rest of the world to trust you

      tomorrows kids best plan like my kids are thinking and that’s get your degree and then get the hell out of here

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  2. rant it may be but its the truth which sadly lacking from our politicians and feeling low well we have the highs when they tell us you got some more yrs to live if we lucky but then rtu ids is out to get us one way or the other so for feeling low get that dart board whith the face of him in centre but sadly being ill disabled in this modern Britain isn’t a Christian thing to be they tell has Christians we should do the right thing now asking his master rtu ids we all now whot that entails no leone1963 we rant but they don’t listen or like the truth told back to them jeff3

  3. Only problem is remove Tory and get Lab who have signed up to Tory welfare Cap ,Wlorkfare WMD same shit different party.
    We need wholesale reform of our entire governance.

  4. Totally agree with you Leon. The world of disabled people is becoming smaller and smaller as we try so hard to keep ourselves alive on pittances that the rich would look on as a daily allowance for their kids!

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  6. Reblogged on my blog site . Excellent letter appalling you have to even do it though Cameron really doesn’t seem to care about those needing help . We are not machines we get ill through no fault of our own. Politicians seem to lose touch with reality, even if they had it in the first place but as they are career politicians and never actually worked in the real world sadly not surprising. So fight on we all must with health issues that seriously affect our lives and get no help.

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