Iain Duncan Smith In The Dock Again Over Unlawful Atos Assessments

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MHRNThe DWP are back in court next week for the closing part of a successful challenge to the despised Work Capability Assessment (WCA).

This is the test run by Atos which is used to find people ‘fit for work’ and stop their sickness or disability benefits.  It is mired in chaos with a huge backlog of appeals and an ever growing number of tragic deaths linked to the process.  Even Atos themselves are pulling out of the assessments after fierce campaigning saw their carefully managed corporate identity demolished due to their involvement in the cruel and bungled system.

The WCA has also had its share of legal problems after a Judicial Review last year ruled the assessments are unlawful under the Equalities Act for those with a mental health condition.   Rather than accept this defeat and improve or scrap the tests for this group of claimants – or better still…

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One thought on “Iain Duncan Smith In The Dock Again Over Unlawful Atos Assessments

  1. The only reason ATOS quit was that the chief executive finely realized that in law he himself could be implicated for those that had died
    Although he himself did not make the decisions on who was fit for work or not negligence by his staff played a major role on this loss of life

    By quitting, he may feel he and his company cannot be bought to trial at a later date and by giving the reason for quitting citing the ongoing deaths the judge will show leniency on the company
    That will remain to be seen, as many years will go by before any justice for the families is secured

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