#DWPChaos Parked on ESA WRAG for a year now out of system ……..

………Indeed this was Iain Duncan Smiths GOAL all along.












Right my complaint has been ongoing ever since migration from Incapacity Benefit and indeed it has turned into a giant of a complaint spanning a couple of years as the blogs above show (they are spread all over this blog so decided to bring them all onto one page) .

There are moral points of view regarding this complaint which as you know our government does not take into consideration and thus it is my believe that this is partly why they are going wrong also after all not everyone fits in the same bag but that is what they are trying to do.

There has to be some understanding, compassion and empathy shown but what we are seeing is lies and brutality and that has to stop anyway I will detail the moral issues in my just and rightful claim to ESA here and you tell me if I am wrong.

I had my SAH/STROKE some years ago in April 1990 and worked hard in the years before this tragic event in my life I never asked for it just happened but we all pick up the pieces and rebuild to make life as best can be and thus after 18 mths of rehabilitation returned to work indeed this governments aims yes and not the feckless scrounging scum they have you believe.

I stayed in work for 17 years although due to my then disabilities as a result of the SAH/Stroke and discrimination could not hold a job down long enough indeed the longest was 9 years for one employer but was never out of work and always found a new post in a matter of days indeed work was good then unlike now.

During these 17 years of employment post disability I never claimed a penny in disability benefits indeed I could have claimed DLA but I never for two reasons firstly due to my disabilities I tired easily and by the time I got home had a couple of hours with my wife and boys and then it was bed so had little time to deal with it all and secondly I had a morel conscience and thought as I was earning enough did not need it and there was those more deserving than me after all I had a job so never claimed until I felt I had a real need.

That time came in September 2007 when I was made redundant due to the global financial crash so made my claim to DLA but still looked for work and managed to gain a few temporary jobs via agencies but that too ended in March 2008 so went to GP to get referred for more physiotherapy as my right side skeleton was hurting so he signed me off and I claimed incapacity benefit my GP’s words were ” you are pushing yourself too hard you need to hang your boots up for a while and slow down”

Do you remember Cameron saying ” No one should claim benefits unless they had a real need”? I do and saw him say it on TV now stop and wonder how that must of made me feel because I felt like throwing them boots at the TV.

Indeed little did he know I and no doubt many others had been doing exactly that for years previously.

Now there is Mortgage Interest Support available to pay the interest on my mortgage, but this I refuse to claim why? because it is my mortgage that I chose to have and pay and would like the benefit of knowing that I paid it myself in times of hard and good, no one told me to get the mortgage it was my decision so why should the taxpayer bail me out even if MP’s are bailed out every day at least I have morels.

I am old school with a mind although now knackered past onto me from my father.

So you see over these past 24 years I have done my far share of bailing out this Govt and it stops here and why I continue to fight for the pittance of £400 a month ESA because I have done nothing wrong and been a good egg.

If this feels for you please share and RT

Thank You.


7 thoughts on “#DWPChaos Parked on ESA WRAG for a year now out of system ……..

  1. Their are many like us still alive in this world today, able to tell their tale & many alive who are not able too & never can & their are those who have gone before us who never shall as they are now silent. Maybe & I say just maybe the reason we (you& I ) are able to still able to tell our truth today is that we and millions like us paid into a system that has been hijacked. Hijacked by this evangelical smiling lying smirking self centred pontificating bunch of self righteous bandits commonly known as self serving politicians. I nearly forgot to mention the main predators on the demise of our misfortune & the those non disabled personages in the UK today. The Whitehall Civil Service with their self created above inflation proof pensions. Dear little charioteers of pain & destruction who spend money until it goes out of fashion or the people can’t afford them any longer. I can almost feel them whimpering and a quivering now scampering along corridors too their private school mentors, the architects of our demise. I have already put in writing my proposals to those who attending a special service on the ILF at Westminster Abbey on Saturday. The wind of change is beginning to blow in many orifices now. Even this mild mannered Bilderberg supporters club commonly known as the Labour Party is manning the top sail on bovine excreta.

  2. “Do you remember Cameron saying ” No one should claim benefits unless they had a real need”?”
    I don’t remember that but apparently he claimed for his disabled son.

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