A sunny success for the People’s Assembly


Anindya Bhattacharyya writes:

Saturday’s march through central London was a test for the People’s Assembly Against Austerity’s – the first time it had organised a national march primarily through its own resources, rather than putting a call out for a march that brought bigger forces (the TUC, the big unions) behind it.

It passed that test smoothly and with flying colours. The march was a sunny success, drawing visible delegations from far and wide: Lancaster, Dorset, Norwich – even a small group around a Cornish flag. The biggest blocs were unsurprisingly connected to two public services people feel passionate about protecting: education and health. But anti-war sentiment also ran through the demo: “NHS Not Trident” was a hugely popular placard, as were Stop the War placards opposing British military intervention in Iraq or Ukraine.

click to open panorama image, click again to magnify

The march assembled at Portland Place before snaking its way down Regent Street to a variety of reactions from passing tourists (most reached for their smartphones). At…

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One thought on “A sunny success for the People’s Assembly

  1. I admire everyone who went and wish that I too could have taken part – bad health stops me doing these things unless they are very close to me.
    I am ashamed of our media as they did nothing to report on this, particularly the BBC who knew damn well what was going on and completely ignored it – shame on them and I truly hope that people stop paying their licence as it has continually shown us the bias they have towards the “coalition government”.

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