Appeals Denied

Following on from my own blog here:

And an excellent blog from Nick@ilegal on the true stats on ESA here:

It is also to be known that the DWP take very shady measures to deny ESA appeals indeed this has happened to me and is ongoing with the operation directors office to which I still await there out of time response.

I have today made a Freedom of Information Act Request in the hope of finding out just how many claimants has had justice denied as that is what it amounts too and in my mind very serious and brings about a claim to maladministration.

My FOI is here: 

Now I do not expect they will supply this information as they would be implicating themselves as this information from them would be a goldmine to many especially in a court of law, however my aim is too get as many as possible to follow this FOI as that would put the DWP on notice that many are aware of this shoddy and unlawful practise happening.

I wait there response to not only my complaint above but also this FOI.

My Thanks to Nick@ilegal and #newapproach

Please my I request that this FOI is not duplicated for same info as DWP could see it as vexatious as happened over at Vox Political

Thank You



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