Government and Press are at it again, lets Debunk

As many of you know the ill and disabled are under constant attack from our wonderful Government and the articles in yesterdays Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph are no exception indeed they spout untruth’s in order to brainwash there readers this is nothing but vile publication in order to dictate the Governments stance on welfare reform and increase there profits in the hope it is what the public is what they want to read

I hope that is not the case and the public can just use these articles as a basis for there own research to find the truth.

The two articles in question on this blog are:

Now none of this articles mention the fact that tribunals are based on fact and evidence and it is that a judge quite rightly takes into consideration and the reason that the DWP do not turn up is likely that there prospect of winning is judged by them as remote after all the evidence speaks for itself.

But lets look at the other side and the money wasted in trying to bring appeals when the DWP know full well that it has little prospect of being allowed by a judge due to being out of absolute time as indeed the Judiciary follow the guidance and law thay are set unlike the Department of Works & Pensions who are well bent in breaking them.

Many of you are well aware of the battle I have faced but for those that don’t you can get up to speed here:

This blog above contains all the others links to this ongoing saga.

Now I requested an anytime revision on the 15th December 2013 as I felt my claim has to ESA had always been wrong and the case in the high court on mental health highlighted that beautifully and thus the reason for my anytime revision which was accepted under specific grounds.

Now one would think an anytime revision would take place and a decision notice on the outcome be send to me and if I was not happy could appeal it within 30 days hockey-cocky justice, but no it went all pear shaped due to the actions of one decision maker.

They sent it to appeal knowing full well it was out of absolute time and had little prospect of being allowed to succeed, indeed this is the outcome the DWP wanted and why they took that action but wait where does this leave me? without justice that is where.

By taking this unjust action they just emailed me to say my anytime revision had failed OK you might think but no I had no official decision notice and without it I could not appeal it.

This is not only denying ones right to justice but also gross maladministration that has caused financial hardship which I can also prove my complaint is now with the Director Generals Office and I await there rely but I guess instead of carrying out a full investigation they are finding ways to wriggle out and if that is the case.

Carry on as court awaits.

I hope this gives you an idea of there utter contempt.




9 thoughts on “Government and Press are at it again, lets Debunk

      • You’re welcome. I like the idea of reinforcing other blogs – you know, when the right-wing media are all pushing one point of view and you’re just one blog putting forward the other side, it’s very easy for people to make you look small and silly. If there are several of us standing together, it’s much harder to make that suggestion.
        Together we rise…

      • Totally agree Mike bloggers and all activists must unite to bring out the truth, I have not had a reply from the Director Generals office yet but they have the 15 days which is running out and then decide whether to proceed to court with the DM and MM Judgment on my side or go to Independent Case Examiner first I will cross that bridge when it comes.

        Once again Thank you for your support it is much appreciated

  1. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    After the vicious attacks on benefit claimants, who have the audacity to win their cases in court by the Daily Heil and the Torygraph, the Stroke Survivor gives his account of bureaucratic bloody-minded persecution by the DWP.
    The DWP and their cheerleaders in the media have no compassion, only a cruel and vindictive urge to persecute and torment those less fortunate than themselves.

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