Just another day at the jobcentre…

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

Reposted from an article by Kate Belgrave NUJ

This excellent article by Kate sums up the Kafkaesque conditions meted out to jobseekers; it’s a long article but is well worth reading and just remember, these stories are true!

Interviews with unemployed and underemployed people reveal the exacting impact of dealing with jobcentres and workfare programmes. The UK government’s new ‘Help to Work’ scheme, with daily jobcentre visits, compulsory workfare and sanctions, looks set to do anything but ‘help’ jobseekers.

This week, the government rolled out its ridiculous Help To Work scheme: a punitive, expensive, already-discredited arrangement which will push the long-term unemployed into workfare, and/or daily trips to the jobcentre, and ‘intensive support’, whatever that is. Looks like the useless G4S will be in the mix, too. “There’s no something for nothing any more,” George Osborne informed Daybreak when he revealed his Help To Work plans…

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