MP Calls on Government to Launch Impact Assessment on Welfare Reform

Dame Anne Begg

During a Backbench debate on Welfare Reform, Dame Anne Begg MP called on the government to launch a cumulative impact assessment on their reforms to the welfare system which are unfairly targeting people with disabilities. The Back Bench Committee allocated time for this debate after a WOW petition was signed by over 100,000 people.

As Chair of the Work and Pensions Select Committee, Dame Anne has continually called for the government to carry out a full impact assessment of welfare reform to show the effect they are having on people with disabilities.

Dame Anne said

“Although the Government states it isn’t picking on disabled people or people with health problems, their policies are impacting that group the hardest
“When you look at the changes they’ve made to the welfare system – Work Capability Assessments, Employment Support Allowance and the new Personal Independence Payments, you can see who they are aimed…

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2 thoughts on “MP Calls on Government to Launch Impact Assessment on Welfare Reform

  1. Someone has to do something as we all know that the government are discriminating against the disabled and long term sick. I agree that a clean sweep was needed to the welfare system as it was being used by people who could work and just didn’t want to – however, I am disgusted with the way the WCA is, the way that the disabled and sick are being punished for being disabled in the first place, and the severe cuts to us as well as the deaths and the suicides.
    The ESA should have stayed as Incapacity Benefit and the DLA should be left alone. Those who have DLA for life should be left alone, those who have it for less should just need a letter from their doctor or consultant.
    And while I’m replying, when are they going to get rid of IDS and Fraud? I want to see them suffer even though I know it will be nowhere near how any of us have suffered – I just want that effin smirk wiped off that bald bastards face!

    • It is not as if they really cannot afford it because they can easily and the cost is minimal in comparison to other welfare, just does not make any sense too me why so many long term ill and disabled should be made to suffer.

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