Capita Faces Revolt From Disabled Staff Over Discrimination

Same Difference

Anyone who thought things would improve after ATOS, by all reports, seems to have been dreaming, sadly.

The company responsible for carrying out disability benefit assessments across Wales and central England is facing a revolt by disabled staff over allegations of widespread discrimination.


They say that Capita – already under fire over its performance in assessing claimants of personal independence payment, the government’s new disability benefit – appears to have no proper policies in place to manage staff protected under the Equality Act.

The employees all work for Service Birmingham, a joint enterprise that is two-thirds owned by Capita and one-third by Birmingham City Council and aims to “transform” the council’s public services, including its IT services and call centre.

Capita was criticised last autumn after Service Birmingham’s pre-tax profits leapt by more than half to £21 million.

Disability News Service (DNS) has heard from four disabled members…

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