A Clear Case of Disability Benefit Denial – SCANDELOUS – UPDATE


To follow on from the above link:

Well I have a wee update but I must admit this lack of communication on there part is doing my head in as stress levels are high anyway on Monday 24th March a payment arrived in my wife’s bank account as she manages my money but wait it is nothing to cheer about 😦 it was a maladministration payment of £25 for there failure to not respond to my complaint and Anytime revision request within the time they specify.

The £25 is a menial sum however that is of little interest to me as the letter that should accompany it is of more value going forward in my request to be put in the support group of ESA however today is the 27th March and that has not arrived yet and may not and will no doubt have to do there work and chase it up.

Now on the 24th I also got a letter from HMCTS it was a copy of a directions notice that the DWP had to respond too, but I noticed a couple of errors in it which the judge made but am sure was not done wilfully as he is no doubt just as confused as I am, it referred to a letter I sent on the 4th December 2013 which in fact was the date of an upper tier tribunal court case I am using so emailed the DWP to inform them so there was no further confusion.

HMCTS Directions Letter edited


Now I also got an email that afternoon letting me know that these documents the judge is requesting and which I emailed copies to Complaints Resolution will be forwarded to the Decision Maker but it that email also said I would receive a full reply to my complaint by the 28th March 2014:

Good morning Mr Carter

I confirm receipt of your email of 23 March addressed to Tim Taylor-Blake. I have forwarded a copy of your email with your attachments to Yvonne Moore of our Cosham Benefit Centre Appeals team as requested.   I will be in touch again by 28 March.

Kind regards

Karen Brown 

Complaint Resolution Manager | Department for Work and Pensions | Greater Wessex District | Wynnstay House | 121 High Street | Cosham | PO6 3DR | Tel 023 9230 4895| www.dwp.gov.uk


I think it is safe to say the DWP under the leadership of IDS is defunct and in chaos.

I will be on the phone tomorrow to try and find out what is going on as I think that £25 payment is now taking the piss.



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