Council Tax Criminal?

Michelle Burns

Today was the day. Yes, it was my turn. My turn to be summonsed to Truro Magistrates Court for non payment of 2013/14 Council Tax. Now, let me be very clear as all the Politicians state…..
“I have NO problem with Council Tax and would happily pay it, ‘if’ I were working”
However, I am not. I am disabled. I have partial sight and Sponylosis to name a couple of my disabilities. As most of you know, last year alot of things changed under the WRA – Welfare Reform Act.
Council Tax Benefit was scrapped and under the Localism Bill powers were handed to Local Authorities to set up their own schemes. To be called CTS – Council Tax Support. So now ALL people of working age, have to contribute to Council Tax.

Whoaaa!!! Most of these people are on some kind of benefit, like myself. I get ESA, some…

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“Going on the sick is easy!” – PIP part one

Attention Seeking Survivor

The popular words that tumble from anyone who has never had the misfortune to actually be sick. A view fed by daily reports in the media of those fleecing the system and swanning off on luxury holidays at the expense of the poor tax payer. Such reporting has widened the gulf between the vulnerable and the general public with a massive increase in hate crimes against the disabled. We’re all faking it, oh, except the tiny few of course who are genuinely in need but we must make sure to out everyone through hell to make sure we weed out all those millions milking the system.

If only that were true. Visit any welfare rights website, forum, Facebook group or page and you will see dozens of stories every day from the genuinely in need being battered by a system set up to make the sick and disabled fail. Until…

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