A Clear Case of Disability Benefit Denial – SCANDELOUS

Many of you have been following my fight with the Department of Works & Pensions to get the right level of benefit I am entitled to, there has been further progress however it is not the progress befitting of such a large Government Department infarct I can safely go as far as saying it is arbitrary, willful discrimination and done with intent and IS no more than denial of my disability support indeed many will say Iain Duncan Smith’s way. Many of you will remember these posts I made, however I will put the links here again so those that have not read then can get the gravity of this disgusting situation:



Now with trying and failing to get help from my MP it has manifested into lies and deceit were the DWP has cooked themselves in there own stew pot it is good news for me in some respect but not good for the DWP as maladministration has been proved and the offer that was made to me last Tuesday for maladministration has been been I think set too low. Below is the letter I got from HM Courts and Tribunals Service with its attachment and the letter I will be posting back in rely today.



Doc to HMCTS from DWP 1

My reply to HM Court & Tribunal Service.

Enjoy the letter above I wrote but suffice to say I will update this morning when I have had chance to speak to the Decision Maker responsible for this farce.

Letter to Tim Taylor-Blake @ Complaints Resolution.

15 thoughts on “A Clear Case of Disability Benefit Denial – SCANDELOUS

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  2. For heaven’s sake! These disasters just keep going on and on and on. It’s beginning to feel like an episode of Doctor Who where something poisonous has been put in their tea to make them inhuman and inhumane. Keep strong.

  3. Hi and hope your well,
    Do you or your advisers know that there is a law on the statute book regarding (Wilful)Psychiatric Injury. I would myself have taken this path if not for the intervention of my GP, who set out in plane terms the consequences of me not being put is the support group. I think but I am not am but not sure that rule 34, In danger of harm to themselves or others can also be used at anytime as a change of circumstances when backed up by medical evidence.
    I wish you the very best of luck in your quest for a benefit that you and any other claimant are entitled to morally and in law, whether or not they have contributed or are one of the unlucky group who find themselves disabled from birth, but never the less loved and cherished by family and friends, but tragically not by the state and certainly not by the DWP.
    I am of the opinion that this unelected administration, not any form of government I recognise as legitimate, and not a coalition as a coalition shares power equally Is by illogical dogma trying to demonise the sick, the disabled and those in society less able to defend themselves because of lack of education, access to advocates or any other disadvantage.
    We just need Smith the denier of benefits to let slip and show his true feelings by saying to his henchmen “Will no one rid me of this scourge of unemployed, sick and crippled creatures”

    Tommaz Jay
    Once proud, but now as ashamed to be a member of a society that has forgotten how to care.

  4. Leon, the problem with all this is that it is a marshmallow wall. I hope you get things resolved but no one will ever be held responsible for the crime of doing this to you in the first place. It is death by a thousand cuts. They are doing this to thousands of people and most fall at one obstacle or another. Only a few get through and this is their objective. Good luck to you but never mistake any apology or final agreement of what you are due as a benign act. Any benign body would investigate prior to acting against you. This is a policy of “shoot first and ask questions later”.

    • Thank you Sam for your input which is welcomed, I am not a good communicator face to face or over a telephone for obvious reasons and thus always prefer my communications via letter or email which whilst takes longer I am able to research the words to use so in light of that I am now putting a further letter together for DWP Complaints Resolution Team so that can offer an apology and sort my just claim out as this situation has now got untenable and needs to close if not for my own sanity.

      Thank you for taking the time to reply as it is that which gives my blog a good score at ebuzzing labs 😉

  5. good luck mate, it seems that the dwp make up so many rules and regulations that they cant even keep up with them themselves, at last you can bring them down a peg or two, by actually using their own legislation, and you have it in writing, which is great, well done….im in the appeal process at the moment, and I will be watching every move that the scumbag dwp make.

  6. Hi Leon, It is astonishing what lengths the DWP will go to reduce ‘benefits’ (I hate that word). i can’t begin to imagine the stress you have gone through to get this far. There are thousands without a voice or the willpower to the same. An earlier contributor mentioned ‘(Wilful) Psychiatric Injury” which is perhaps something you should explore further if you can.


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  8. I can only offer you empathy for your situation – this catalogue of disasters would make a slap stick if it were not for the Fact – this is peoples lives they are toying with.
    Here for you xx

  9. You really have put up an almighty fight and I am in awe of you.
    I hope that this is cleared up soon as you have waited and waited whilst all the time trying to survive on basically nothing!

    • Unfortunately no it is long from over and they have denied my lawful right to a revision I will further update this evening with the emails but suffice to say my complaint is unresolved but exhausted at district level and I now need to go to Director General, Operations or a solicitor whilst I await to see if a judge will show clemency and allow an appeal.

      However I am not giving up yet and a full update will follow later this evening.

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