A Clear Case of Disability Benefit Denial – SCANDELOUS

Many of you have been following my fight with the Department of Works & Pensions to get the right level of benefit I am entitled to, there has been further progress however it is not the progress befitting of such a large Government Department infarct I can safely go as far as saying it is arbitrary, willful discrimination and done with intent and IS no more than denial of my disability support indeed many will say Iain Duncan Smith’s way. Many of you will remember these posts I made, however I will put the links here again so those that have not read then can get the gravity of this disgusting situation:



Now with trying and failing to get help from my MP it has manifested into lies and deceit were the DWP has cooked themselves in there own stew pot it is good news for me in some respect but not good for the DWP as maladministration has been proved and the offer that was made to me last Tuesday for maladministration has been been I think set too low. Below is the letter I got from HM Courts and Tribunals Service with its attachment and the letter I will be posting back in rely today.



Doc to HMCTS from DWP 1

My reply to HM Court & Tribunal Service.

Enjoy the letter above I wrote but suffice to say I will update this morning when I have had chance to speak to the Decision Maker responsible for this farce.

Letter to Tim Taylor-Blake @ Complaints Resolution.