‘Gaslighting’ and Private Eye on February 2013 on Further Restrictions to Disabled Claimants by Atos

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Yesterday I reblogged one of Mike’s articles from Vox Political, reporting that Atos/ OH Assist was trying to bully blogs criticising them into taking down their posts. Atos/OH Assist was demanding that they do so as these articles encouraged hate towards their members and staff, some of whom have received death threats. This looks to me like another example of a rich and corrupt corporation trying to silence its critics through legal action, regardless of whether the criticisms levelled at the company are true or not. Mike’s article has extensively rebutted these claims, to which I’ve added the classic Private Eye response to bullying, unfounded threats of legal action ‘Arkell vs. Pressdram’.

Atos/ OH Assist is hated, because its administration of the Work Capability Assessment for the DWP has resulted in thousands of the poor and desperate being thrown off benefit, to die in poverty and starvation. Some have…

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When Home is Horrible

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When Home is Horrible article-2421829-1BDB4B9C000005DC-174_634x324

I was met with a the shameful and terrifying news this morning that we in the UK not only lock up 10 year Blog 03 03 2014  (10)old children in detention centres (posh phrase for a prison – I should know I ran one of them), we are also Sectioning children (holding people in a mental health institution and treating them chemically against their wishes) as young as 12 years of age and putting them on adult mental health wards. Again I have worked on adult units as a Psychiatric nurse and they would be like a living hell to a child. But in real terms the number of beds available has been cut, as has at the same time cuts have dug deep into community services. It is always the case that speciality services, usually expensive and dealing with smaller numbers than the mainstream services, are the first…

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