Canterbury father-of-three Rob Watson killed by ‘time bomb’ inside his head after suffering brain aneurysm while decorating bedroom

canterburyA DIY father-of-three suddenly collapsed while decorating his family home – and died just 26 hours later.

Rob Watson, 41, was halfway through wallpapering his Canterbury bedroom when an aneurysm burst in his brain.

He started vomiting and was helped downstairs and into the garden by his fiancee Sharon O’Reilly, where he collapsed in front of their 13-year-old son Tommy.



4 thoughts on “Canterbury father-of-three Rob Watson killed by ‘time bomb’ inside his head after suffering brain aneurysm while decorating bedroom

  1. Absolutely heartbreaking 😦 I can’t imagine how the family are feeling and my condolences go to them.
    My husband had a subarachnoid haemorrhage in 1992 – he had just got home from work, if he had not slipped away from work he would have been driving home at the time and could have caused untold damage on the motorway 😦
    He was very lucky, he survived but a few weeks later he had a stroke. He has been in pain in his back where they did a lumbar puncture – but they hit a nerve! He suffers now with short term memory loss, pain in his back and his legs, confusion and headaches and weakness in his left arm, but he’s alive and he fought so well.
    I am lucky because I know the signs but these aneurysms just go without any warning. I have also lost two friends to this silent killer. It’s heartbreaking.

    • Jaypot when I had my SAH I too was driving a flatbed truck to a builders merchants I was having Thunderclap headache on the way there but passed out in a sea of vomit just as I parked up the engine was still running and if it was not for the merchants assistant who saw what happened god only knows

  2. You where so lucky that someone saw what was happening, and so lucky that you had stopped the lorry as well. We just never know when anything like that is going to happen.
    I am disabled as well due to various illnesses but the worst thing is the fact that I had to have a below the knee amputation due to negligent surgery 😦 I can tell you, it’s no fun and the surgeon is that arrogant that he won’t admit he has done wrong!
    People don’t realise that it just takes a second to become disabled or long term sick – they think that we are either born that way or have been injured in a car crash…
    Hope you are coping well and not in too much pain.
    Jay 🙂

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