FINED by a Judge for failing to turn up for UNPAID WORK

This morning my Son pointed out something to me which he could not believe in the Court Round Up in the local Portsmouth News paper.

A young man of no fixed abode and thus effectively homeless which itself brings issues was


Yes that is right he was fined £250 plus £50 Court costs for failing to turn up for unpaid work.


Now this could be due to say failing to turn up to a previous order of say a Community Service Order but the article does not say that it clearly says UNPAID WORK.

The very thought you could be fined for failing to turn up for work and be FINED should send shivers down your spine and probe many to further research as I will but we should also take into accunt this man may very well already be under a Sanction and is homeless so is trapped and the prospect of him finding full-time employment is remote.

More research needs to be done on this and I will bring you what I find in due course, however this goes out now as a warning to all.


36 thoughts on “FINED by a Judge for failing to turn up for UNPAID WORK

    • Jeffrey. You are programmed to say this. it is The CONLABLIB Party, cant get a Rizla between them – all have the same ultimate agenda, all paid for by the corporations, banks and 1%… Do NOT be fooled by any of them.

      • so they are all as bad…. in your opinion, who should we all vote for then? cos as far as i can see only labour stand a chance of getting in right now. the smaller parties can only take votes away from the three big ones. they wont get a majority big enough to win all out and im sure no one wants another coalition.

      • hugosmum70 = Perhaps we should stop giving our power away to a centralised authority with a monopoly on violence. Why vote for your own servitude? “If government half a century ago had provided us with all our dinners and breakfasts, it would be the practice of our orators today to assume the impossibility of our providing for ourselves.” —Auberon Herbert

    • It’s not that they are all as bad, it is that they are different masks on the same face, they serve elite interests. The game is rigged and always has been. Mass non-compliant revoloution is how they can be stopped. Ticking a little box won’t stop the new world order.

  1. What would be really nice would be some reference to this on the internet. I have searched and can find nothing. I know the search engines are shit nowadays but if you could put the url of the specific paper (which you don’t actually name) or the court records it would both validate your claim and allow others to look into it. Until I can verify this (much as I know it is entirely plausible – even probable) I simply can’t “believe” it because only one person has “claimed” it to be true. Good luck with your further research.

    • I did name the Paper it is The News from Porsmouth which is part of Johnson Press that is a nationwide local paper under various names. I am trying to see if it is listed at the Courts but it is real as real can be as it came from Court Round Up

  2. and while the courts are spending time, energy and money on these sorts of things what is happening to the real criminals? i have heard (and know of at least 2) cases where its taken several months to a year before the case has been heard, being put back time n time again (one was put back 8 times. in one case the person in prison on remand for a year. then got off..(mitigating circumstances).the 2nd on bail for months on end for a minor offence which he admitted to but the prosecution added 6 other jumped up charges, all of which were thrown out one by one over the course of the next 8 court appearances.. the lad landed up being tagged for a few weeks.n a fine of 80quid.or something.both these cases could have been sorted in less time if the courts werent being inundated with trivial things like the one you mention above. they have to retrieve costs, thats why the collossal fines are imposed. ridiculous. how the hell is that person supposed to pay all that?

  3. From where i am standing Leo there IS no fairness for anyone who has under a certain amount of money in the bank. no matter which way you look, be it justice, food and other commodities, welfare, health, you name it. there IS NOTHING FAIR ANYMORE. i just dont understand how those in Westminster have got away with what they are doing for so long.without someone somewhere losing it and doing away with at least one of them. it will come though one day. someone will break and instead of taking their own life, take anothers… that caused their predicament.

  4. I may be wrong, but I suspect the term “unpaid work” refers to an “unpaid work requirement” which is one of the community punishment options available to courts when sentencing offenders. It used to be known as ‘community service’ until 2011.

    • Yes you could be right as I stated in the article, However papers print these Court round ups as they receive them so if that is the case the Court clerk should have stated so and not just put unpaid work because as you are no doubt aware that term can be read as many things.

      Either way fining someone who is effectively homeless and possibly on a sanction already in my mind is the wrong way to give punishment as the likelihood of the Justice system in getting a return is remote.

      We are seeing instances where the punishment does not fit the crime which in-turn sinks citizens further in to debt

  5. If this news story is what it purports to be its implications are extremely dangerous for those who live off selling their labour; as opposed to those who employ workers. As what it means is that when the government sets its target for the level of unemployment, through the governor of the Bank of England and his ability to control the mortgage rate and the cost of borrowing in general, it has the ability to create millions of jobs that have to be done at the rate of Jobseekers Allowance (about £71 per week). That is actually worse than slave labour as the slave owner had to house and feed their slave whereas the £71 is paid for by the general tax payer and is not enough to feed and/or house an individual.

  6. Punishment is a medieval vindictive cowardly load of nonsense actually. It has been shown in study after study that it has quite the opposite effect than intended. It is why this world is in this damaged and catastrophically self-destructive state. If you need to inhibit someone from perpetrating damage to others then inhibit them. Punishment is precisely about intimidating ‘others’ – it is bullying and it is abusive. Then people wonder how there is so much abuse and we don’t even notice it! It is inherent and embedded in our cultural paradigms. If you think punishment is legitimate then Iain Duncan Smith is a good example of the consequences – he believes it is a good idea. People generally commit what we call ‘crimes’ because they have no other option. The trick is to be fair to all citizens and to stop this musical chairs with people’s lives. I’m just a bitter and twisted old git that resides in someone else’s attic so sorry for being angry.

  7. Reblogged this on snookcocker and commented:
    Nothing is unbelievable with this government, but this takes the chuffing biscuit. I wonder how long until it becomes a criminal offence to throw a sickie for those in fulltime work rather than on workfare.

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  9. I’ve not looked up this story yet but I can confirm that “unpaid work” in this context is what used to be called Community Service, having had to do it myself. It seems strange to fine him for breaching twice as this would have normally resulted in either extra hours, (as happened with me) or a short custodial sentence.

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