“I’m Naming And Shaming, For What It’s Worth”

Same Difference

One man’s JobCentre experience. Spotted here. I’m sharing because I think it should go viral.

Stuart Paterson
I can now fully understand why people who have any sort of attempted rational dealings with the DWP are driven to despair, desperation & ultimate despond. The Department of Work & Pensions, Job Centre +, whichever section therein you wish to name who deal with unemployment, have already proven themselves to be insensitive, thoughtless & jobsworthy in my interactions with them over the past 4 months. Now, I can easily add the word ‘thick’. Or ‘stupid’. Or just ‘dense’. Since most of the folk I’ve seen working at Dumfries JC are comfortably over the age of 40, I can only assume they’ve been in the job since before literacy, numeracy & IT skills were requisites of passing their job interviews. So why this sudden outpouring of frustration & contempt on a social networking…

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