Briefing on How Cuts Are Targeted – Dr Simon Duffy

Politics and Insights

How the cuts target disabled people

The UK government is making big cuts in public expenditure in order to try and solve a financial crisis that was primarily triggered by excessive house price inflation, private borrowing and over-lending by the banks. However, most people think that everything is being cut and that the cuts being made are probably fair. The latest report from The Centre for Welfare Reform – A Fair Society? – shows that this is not true.

Not everything is being cut.

In fact over 50% of cuts fall in just two areas which together make up only 25% of government spending:

  • Benefits (to be cut by 20%) most of which is for disabled people and people in poverty
  • Local government (to be cut by over 40%) most of which (60%) is for social care (which will be cut by 33%)

The cuts are not fair.

They target…

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