‘Entrepre…’ what?


I work hard all week, 48 hours at my place of work, 44 paid hours hard graft.


A reasonably well paid job, though I want, as we all do as, the ‘entrepreneurs’ do and my employer does, we want more.


Why then, is it that the entrepreneur and the employer are seen as good businessmen when they increase their income while the employee, the creator of their wealth is so greedy when they ask for more?


A question I have long asked myself; a question which is rhetorical; because I know and we should all know the answer; because these people are greedy beyond their needs; because a capitalist system drives their greed to the detriment of the majority.


We are and will always be abused and poorly paid as long as the silent majority listen to agree with the wealthy minority.


We will never…

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Cameron a Christian???


Today’s Telegraph has an article by Damien Thompson on the death of Ivan Cameron & his (Thompson’s) seemingly shocked view that Ivan’s family loved him!! As a parent who’s second son developed leukaemia and died at 3 1/2, I’m deeply pissed off at this

Thompson finds it striking that “the tragic handicaps that afflicted their little boy did not lessen their joy in his presence” I find nothing remotely striking in this. I don’t remember having met many people either in real life and on social media who don’t feel exactly the same; and I am friends today in both worlds, with adults born with severe disabilities who will make the same claim.

What I find so offensive is this blatant attempt by Thompson, to humanise the man who as PM, has led the most brutal attack on disabled UK people in many years. He shares a front…

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Essential information for ESA claims, assessments and appeals

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Essential Information for claims, assessments and appeals. 

There are three essential ideas to keep in mind when claiming Employment Support Allowance (ESA) because of the nature of the ESA50 form, and the fact that Atos are seeking to deny benefits, and NOT assess disability: this will not be a fair investigation of your health issues.

This information needs to be shared widely so people are made aware of them, and can use them when claiming ESA or appealing.

These very helpful ideas are:

  •  Reliably, repeatedly and safely
  •  Exceptional circumstances – Regulations 25 and 31, 29 and 35
  •  Atos assessments and pitfalls – how they try to deceive you

1. Reliably, repeatedly and safely. 

‘Lord’ Fraud made this statement in the House of Lords:

“It must be possible for all the descriptors to be completed reliably, repeatedly and safely, otherwise the individual is considered unable to complete the activity.”


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