Update to: Complaint to JC+ using the recent tribunal court case

As Some will know I made the following complaint to the DWP:


This was the 15th December 2013 and one month later I have had a reply and it seems I am no further forward hell they could not even be bothered to sent me an acknowledgement letter and thus left me in limbo for a month the reply I got today they obviously thought it was unimportant too as it was send via second class mail.

My reply is as follows:

Dear Sue McGrath

It is with deep regret I find myself wasting more time having to email you again.

I sent you my letter of complaint and revision on the 15th December the contents of that letter I am sure you realised was off an urgent matter.

You responded by saying you have forwarded it to the Greater Wessex Customer Resolution Team and that they would reply soon.

That reply came today only it was not soon but a month later and I have been left in limbo for a whole month without even an acknowledgement letter that is not good enough, but further I have found in that month NOTHING has been done as they replied to say my letter has been forwarded again this time to Appeals Team at Cosham Benefits Centre.

What is this PASS THE BUCK we all know the DWP in in chaos but this inlight of the very poor treatment I have had already is not good enough and is quite frankly disgusting from a Govt Department as big as the DWP.

Why did you not bypass the Greater Wessex Customer Resolution Team and just forward it to the appeals team in the first instance?

Why did the Customer Resolution Team not reply to me late but also use second class postage was my serious complaint not worthy of first class post?

I think you have all lost gravity in the nature of my letter and find myself unjustly having to fight a bureaucratic system that is not working for many.

Please investigate as to what is happening as I am at a loss.

Yours Sincerely
No doubt ill get an email reply in the next few days but you can see no wonder people get so enraged when you are treated with such disdain.

2 thoughts on “Update to: Complaint to JC+ using the recent tribunal court case

  1. you see leonc1963 they get so many letters emails faxes that they realy don’t now whot to do with and must pick one from each sack until empty but getting a asnswer one was very lucky has they normaly sais we hadn’t had it yep a society made worst by our loving government who say they take care of yet kill us off

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