Business as usual as you were no change

In this blog I am going to focus on the recent upper tier tribunal case for those with mental health problems and try and get a bit of understanding on the judgement because the DWP has released the Gatekeepers Memo that appears to be in conflict with the judgement handed down.

For now I will post both the full judgement below followed by the Gatekeepers Memo then tonight I will again read them both in full and write my conclusion, however it is interesting to note that the Judging Panel ruled on 3 of the 4 points raised yet the DWP are of the impression that nothing has changed and it is business as usual indeed you will note they use that term often.

Business as usual for DWP Operations

I will add further soon as had chance to digest both documents in full.

Gatekeeper Memo WCA Judicial Review – Court of appeal hearing

Upper Tier Tribunal Court Case Judgement on Persons with Mental Health Problems



One thought on “Business as usual as you were no change

  1. it seems the dwp are smelling of roses they patting each other on the back mesthinks nowt has been learned nowt will changed on theit mh policy only more tihgtening of their rules on mh jjeff3

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