Control of the People becomes Law


Quite simply a law to remove the soul from the non Elite – Social Control at its highest

Tomorrow in The Lords the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill reaches its report stage, the penultimate phase before before it gains Royal Assent, enacting it as law.

I understand how it’s got so far without a major discussion it has some powers which on the surface appear to “protect the public“; including forced marriage, sexual harm and illegal firearms used by gangs, what’s to argue with there?

But scratch the surface ever so lightly and you find the new  ipnas (injunctions to prevent nuisance and annoyance) can impose this new ‘community service order‘ on people who have committed no crime; it will allow tenants to be evicted for deemed anti social behaviour, it will allow the police, under the  dispersal power  to remove people from an area where…

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Bedroom tax slammed by minister after costing more than saving

Benefit tales

The controversial bedroom tax is costing more than it is saving, according to the Scottish government.

The UK coalition’s widely hated under-occupancy policy was designed to cut government expenditure, but Scottish housing and welfare minister Margaret Burgess has said that the annual costs of implementing the penalty will exceed savings by £10 million.

In a letter to Lord Freud, the UK government’s minister for welfare reform, Burgess cites the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities’ (COSLA) findings that revealed the loss in savings and has demanded an urgent meeting.

The Scottish government has provided local authorities with additional funding to increase the amount available for discretionary housing payments, announcing in October an extra £20m to help those struggling with the bedroom tax.

Burgess said: “When it comes to the bedroom tax it’s clear the policy is costing more than it is saving in Scotland. The apparent savings to the Department for…

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PANIC BUTTON? I helped someone who didnt have a landline…

This reblog comes via The Virtual Gherkin

I was talking with someone who said they wanted a panic button , and they said they were told they need a landline, and they didnt have one.

Not sure of that , or procedure, but found them a free and easy app for their mobile that they could use.

“This security application is designed to be an aid during distress/panic. It acts as an emergency Panic Button that alerts your family and friends in the possible moments of danger.

Benefits Street: Complain To OfCom

Same Difference

From Welfare News Service:


Are you as angry as we are about Channel 4’s ‘Benefit Street’ for inciting hatred and even death threats against benefits claimants?

We’re calling on our readers to lodge their complaints with Ofcom and demand that future episodes be scrapped.

Please support us and share this request.

Thank you.

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Threats of death and violence after Channel 4 programme Benefits Street

Pride's Purge

(not satire!)

Channel 4 executives should be proud of themselves. 

Their attempt to stereotype and demonise all of Britain’s 2.49 million unemployed by focussing on just 6 carefully chosen people and showing them in the worst possible light in their programme Benefits Street last night was so successful that Twitter exploded with threats of violence and even death against the participants:

violence benefits street blanked

The producers of the programme meanwhile defended it is a ‘sympathetic, humane and objective portrayal’ of those struggling to cope with austerity.

Not much sympathy, humanity or objectivity on display on Twitter however.

Isn’t there a law against this kind of incitement to violence in the UK?

If so, if any police officer would like to take this further, I’ve kept the names and IDs of the people responsible for the above (and more below) threatening tweets and I would be more than happy to help you with your…

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