On poverty and food banks, the Coalition reveals its true colours

Jane Young

This is a very personal blog. One of the issues that has troubled me greatly in relation to this Government is that I’ve been all-too aware of the support Iain Duncan Smith’s policies have enjoyed from the evangelical wing of the church. Indeed, a leading member of a church similar to mine is (still, I believe) one of IDS’s special advisers. I’ve found that very hard to understand or accept – that a committed Christian appears to support social security policies that are causing such hardship and suffering among those who have the misfortune to be disabled, chronically sick or poor. (See note 1)

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AVON 4: “Patients so well cared for!” An unannounced Visit


I haven’t blogged for a while because my last post was so emotional that I had to take some time.

And now here we are. In case you haven’t kept up, Avon 4 is in the Aconbury block. In previous posts I have praised Wendy Bull for the way in which she leads this ward. She is fair, firm, enthusiastic and a motivator of staff. She leads by example and is as likely to be found with patients as she is anywhere else.

And it so happened that I bumped into her in the main entrance of Worcestershire Royal the other day. “Make sure on your blog that you give my staff a mention. They are wonderful and hard working even under the pressures they face. They always have time for patients and show real care and compassion.”

Now when Wendy asks (or tells) me to do something I do…

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More mistakes in the script? Correcting Cameron’s New Year speech

Vox Political

David Cameron’s New Year message – what a disgrace!

Standing uncomfortably in an empty factory (one presumes the workers were all on part-time contracts to save bosses money in holiday pay and national insurance), the comedy Prime Minister looked nervous as he reeled off a list of statements the Conservative Party wants the proles to believe, going into 2014.

What a shame his words were so easy to debunk.

If you can bear to hear it, play the video (above). I did, and wrote the following response in real time – as his speech was taking place. Then I sent it to his Facebook page. Here are my words:

“Mr Cameron,

“When you weren’t elected into office, the economy was on the up – and your policies killed it stone dead for three years. You haven’t cut the deficit significantly for years (it’s been stuck at £120 billion or thereabouts)…

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RIP Michael McNicholas #atos #dwp

Same Difference

    THE grieving family of a 34-year-old man found dead claim Government pressure to get a job may have led him to kill himself.

    The body of Michael McNicholas was found by a passer-by at Goldenhill Golf Course at the weekend following a 14-year battle against booze.

    But Michael’s family say he had been sober for three months and was attempting to turn his life around.

    They say he felt pressurised after being told he needed to undergo a medical assessment to see if he was fit enough for work.

    Mum Sue McNicholas, aged 56, of Maureen Avenue, Sandyford, said: “We had a lovely Christmas together and were completely in shock when we found out what had happened. He had even bought lottery tickets for that evening.”

    Dad Mick, aged 60, said: “Michael was trying to turn his life around. He just wanted to be normal. It doesn’t add up –…

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