New Tyneside Mind film about the WCA

From Mind Mental Health Charity

Tyneside Mind have produced a powerful new film about the Work Capability Assessment (WCA). In the film, actors depict the experiences of people who are supported by Tyneside Mind and have been through the WCA.

Many people find the process of going through the WCA difficult and distressing, and this is very much reflected in the film.

The film contains references to suicide which you may find triggering, please watch carefully.

Many people continue to find the WCA process stressful, insensitive, inaccurate and unfair. It needs to change.


2 thoughts on “New Tyneside Mind film about the WCA

  1. it is upsetting to watch i gotta go threw this yet i to scared i dont get out let alone ?like that i did see she ignored when he was trying to speak im very mxed up ive had a sha / stroke and got mental health a long list my sah left me no use left side thry had form 9th fec im to scared to look if theres mail im sorry im ill i dont want to be i didnt ask to sit outsie next im bleeding to death i brain ive no family here its so hard with out this, i dont no who turn to i was messing on here pc and phill collins music came on paradise listen words its I D S all over

  2. i couldnt do form had to get cab thew mental advocate, do you no most charitiey help my area disabled help been told there not ! allowed to do forms now and welfair right is 9 month wait here

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