Badly burnt cat wins pet survivor of the year award after horrific accident

Hope he goes on to lead a full-filling life free from further harm and suffering


It’s been a tough 12 months for Robbie the cat but the year has ended on a high after he was named ‘pet survivor of the year’ after overcoming the horrific burns he suffered in a terrible accident.

One-year-old Robbie was left with life-threatening injuries after he suffered severe burns to his face, paws and head when the abandoned sofa he had sought shelter in was set alight in May.

After six months of skin grafts and surgery, funded by the local community, the feline made a remarkable recovery and has now been crowned PDSA Pet Survivor of the Year.

Despite having one of his back legs amputated and the toes on his remaining back leg being ‘melted’ together into a stump, the former stray from Croydon, in south London, still has a cheerful demeanour.

His new owner who nominated him for the award, Gill Smith, said: ‘Robbie is a unique character and…

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