Scrapping for scraps? Shoppers ‘fight in the aisles of Tesco’ for discounted food


Bargain hunters have been fighting each other in supermarket aisles to get their hands on reduced fruit and vegetables, a Labour MP has claimed.

Tesco has been forced to increase security at one of its stores after shoppers clashed over end-of-day bargains, according to Fiona MacTaggart.

The MP for Slough told the House of Commons a constituent saw people fighting on three separate occasions when discounted food was brought out at a Tesco branch in Berkshire.

During a debate on food banks, Ms MacTaggart said: ‘I wanted to inform you and the Commons that people aren’t only depending on food banks, that poor people in Slough are now fighting each other in Tesco when the discount vegetables and fruit come out.

‘My constituent texted me yesterday to say he had observed these fights on three separate occasions when the discount fruit and vegetables came out and that Tesco is now…

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