Rowdy Mob Confronts Workfare Conference and Spoils Their Lunch

the void

20131202_133225A rowdy mob gathered outside today’s welfare-to-work conference as part of the Week of Action Against Workfare and Sanctions.

The annual conference is organised by ERSA, the trade body established to lie on behalf of the workfare industry.  Whilst vile workfare supporters like Esther McVey and the hard right Tax Payers Alliance gave speeches inside, people outside brought pots and pans, musical instruments, sound systems and megaphones to ensure the delegates could hear the anger at their exploitation of people in receipt of benefits.

Up t0 50 people joined the protest which began outside the main entrance to Senate House, the venue for the conference.  The group then set off for a walk round the building to hunt down the workfare exploiters only to find them having lunch just around the corner.  There then followed a cacophony of noise as protesters whistled, jeered and made as much noise as possible…

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