Mandi Riseman

Why Mr. Penning….???

I have M.S. live in my own first floor flat with a small mortgage (not Council) so not draining the Government, I also have a Motability car. To go out I have to get down the stairs which is not easy then use my three wheel walker to get to my car and then put it in the boot….then go to the supermarket and use the small trolley and then put the shopping in the boot. When I get home a Special Needs man called Donovan brings my shopping up for me. I live in a village and do go out 2/3 times a week for bread, milk etc., in my car. I also go to the Dr’s / hospital in my car and to see friends occasionally…

Mr. Penning wants to take away my independence and it’s so wrong a minicab is £10 minimum charge.


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