Just when you thought Iain Duncan Smith could not stoop any lower………. UPDATE

Many of you have read the tragic circumstances here


I now bring you an update to these tragic set of circumstances which is just a snippet of how corrupt this Government is indeed I believe they think they are above the law and any other person would be in Contempt of Court.

Below is a further letter from L J Duut’s Mother who is a constituent of Iain Duncan Smith:

My mother has just sent a response to her letter as follows: 01/11/2013

Ref: POS(1)4004/238

Dear Ms N*** and Mr Duncan Smith,

I have received a letter from Mr Iain Duncan Smith, dated 28th October 2013, stating that it is in reply to my email of 22nd September 2013, that was sent to Ms Jo Nash.

The letter is totally out of context and does not relate to my letter in any way.

I am now attaching an emailed letter of authority from my daughter giving me permission to act on her behalf in this matter.

I am also sending the original letter again , in the hope that you will be able to re-read it and reply appropriately.

Laurel does have DLA and we do not need the advice you have provided, regarding how to claim it. However, her application for it in 2007, for 2007, was rejected, when she was in Holland, and since she returned to the UK the European Court of Justice overturned the decision and she has been waiting for the allowance to be paid to her. This is one of the matters that you are contesting with a number of appeals in Court. You are also withholding her National Insurance Stamps from her and attempting to have her removed from the UK.

This is all very frightening for me and her sons, their partners, her grandchildren and the numerous friends she has in the UK and around the world.

You are my MP and you are meant to support me. However, I feel intimidated and completely let down. Laurel’s MP is obviously unable to oppose your court actions.

It is interesting that you have written that ‘No one, including Ministers, can interfere with the decision-making process.’ – but you have!

I wait to hear from you urgently.

Below is the Tribunal Court Case Judgment papers which Laurel has won:

LJ Duut Tribunal case 1LJ Duut Tribunal Case 2Tribunal Letter LJ DuutUpper Tier Tribunal Decision Notice LJ Duut

In the granted appeal document above in paragraph two note the word again JURISDICTION just why has that came up again, as it has already been proven that the Appellant has JURISDICTION and is a UK Resident with a link to the UK i.e being born here.

Furthermore more just why is Iain Duncan Smith appealing a Tribunal Court Decision made nearly a year ago surely that should have been done within 28 days of the decision made not 279 days after.

There appears to be a motive why Iain Duncan Smith wants Laurel out of the country and why her National Insurance Stamps as well as Benefits stopped clearly she is in the way of something perhaps this holds the answers:


My thanks to Laurel for bringing this to my attention.


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