Just when you thought Iain Duncan Smith could not stoop any lower……….

Permission given by those concerned in this article

They have request that this be blogged and that I help in making it go viral so I ask if you agree with what has been published here you too share, blog and retwit as this is a new low of Iain Duncan Smith and I for one am truly disgusted not only with his reply letter that did not even touch base with the issues raised he also chose to pass the buck this smacks of total incompetence.

The person this refers to is a BRITISH CITIZEN indeed she has lived here all her life, was born in Chingford LONDON and is a UK Passport Holder. She has worked here paid her taxes here, however this Govt want to send her to Holland.

The letter I will copy and paste below is a letter sent to Iain Duncan Smith by the concerned mother on the Sun, 22 Sep 2013 it goes into greater detail that I cannot type because it is so upsetting:

My mum’s reply:

Dear ***

Unfortunately, despite my agreeing that my daughter , Laurel Duut and I would leave her problem to be sorted out by the Court, rather than troubling you any further, I am sorry to say that further confusions occurred.

To Summarise:

If you recall, I had an appointment to see Mr Iain Duncan Smith in 2011 because I am in his constituency, and have been here since 1966 raising my family, teaching and running a specialist bird shop, and also my daughter Laurel was born, went to school and raised her own family in the same constituency.

I came to see Mr Duncan Smith, in the hope of having his support for her and her husband. It was a very difficult time for them both as Peter had become very ill and so was unable to work and to continue supporting Laurel, either physically as her carer or financially, and to add to their problems, they were told that he should return to Holland, as he was not considered elligible to live here. He had been supporting her since 2002, when all her benefits were stopped – even her child benefit for her sons. This is still a major problem and to this day has not been sorted out. She has also had all her National Insurance stamps removed, and she had worked all her life, until she herself became a carer for her son and father, and was too ill herself to work.

Peter took her and her son back to stay initially in his parents’ home in Holland and was able to get work there and to support them all. Laurel was unable to work.

In 2007, the DLA rules changed and allowed expats, unable to work, to receive some of the DLA while abroad, and so Laurel applied and was turned down.

In 2008, with a promise of work in the UK for Peter and accommodation available near their sons in Suffolk, they returned to be near them and to advise them. In 2009 Laurel was awarded DLA while living in the UK minus the first 6 months, which was eventually awarded to her after a battle with the authorities.

Then in 2011 Peter became ill, and the nightmare began. Basically they were refused all normal benefits and Peter was also told that he did not have the right to live in the UK any more. They both starved and Peter died at the end of the year. It was all headlines in the newspapers.

Then in 2012, Laurel’s application for the 2007 DLA , and her National Insurance stamps and was taken to Court and she won her case. She waited to receive the payment and stamps, and then heard that Mr Duncan Smith had appealed twice in Court to have the payment stopped and had the appeal refused.

I have found this very sad, that after appealing to Mr Duncan Smith in person for help in sorting their benefits out, he has chosen to actually fight the Court’s decision to award a benefit that would have helped her, and of course, having her National Insurance Stamps returned is essential.


Since writing to you, recently, there has been a very upsetting incident. Laurel phoned me when she received a letter from The Administrative Support Centre. It said that the recipient was to complete the Appeal application and return it. She was very distressed indeed because she has taken her case to Court and won it. She is now waiting for the missing money to arrive together with her missing National insurance stamps. She was very confused and when she read the letter to me, I realised immediately that it was a mistake and so she rang The Administrative Support Centre and was told that I was correct and the application was intended for Iain Duncan Smith’s department and that he had applied for a further Appeal to take place and that he was aiming to have the decision made by the Judge, stopped and also that he wanted Laurel sent out of the country. The Administrative support centre apologised profusely for their error in sending Mr Duncan Smith’s papers to Laurel and told her to ignore the Appeal application completely and they assured her that another one would be sent to Mr Duncan Smith instead.
So now, there is a plan for my daughter Laurel, born and bred in Chingford to be forced from the UK, in addition to not being awarded the DLA owing to her or receiving her National Insurance Stamps !

I cannot imagine why all this is taking place. I can only assume that a very, very big mistake has been made and that you have confused Laurel with somebody else?

Please look into this at once and explain just what and why all this is happening.

To add to all this, Laurel is very ill and attending Addenbrookes Hospital and undergoing operations on her arms and spine. She ( and I ) does not need this harassment. She is still mourning the death of her husband who died starving and knowing that our Government wanted him out of the UK, despite all that he had done working here and supporting his wife and children.

Yours Truly,
Anita Lincoln
She needs the support from your department and from Mr Duncan Smith that I requested

Iain Duncan Smiths reply:


I think many of you will like my believe this is disgusting the poor woman has been through enough already and my heart goes out to her, she is at her wits end and want her day in court with Iain Duncan Smith.

I for one hopes she gets that as she really should not be fighting now as her case has been won already.

I think you will agree after reading this that Iain Duncan Smith is not Human and is devoid of any empathy or motality


I now bring you an update to these tragic set of circumstances which is just a snippet of how corrupt this Government is indeed I believe they think they are above the law and any other person would be in Contempt of Court.

Below is a further letter from L J Duut’s Mother who is a constituent of Iain Duncan Smith:

My mother has just sent a response to her letter as follows: 01/11/2013

Ref: POS(1)4004/238

Dear Ms N*** and Mr Duncan Smith,

I have received a letter from Mr Iain Duncan Smith, dated 28th October 2013, stating that it is in reply to my email of 22nd September 2013, that was sent to Ms Jo Nash.

The letter is totally out of context and does not relate to my letter in any way.

I am now attaching an emailed letter of authority from my daughter giving me permission to act on her behalf in this matter.

I am also sending the original letter again , in the hope that you will be able to re-read it and reply appropriately.

Laurel does have DLA and we do not need the advice you have provided, regarding how to claim it. However, her application for it in 2007, for 2007, was rejected, when she was in Holland, and since she returned to the UK the European Court of Justice overturned the decision and she has been waiting for the allowance to be paid to her. This is one of the matters that you are contesting with a number of appeals in Court. You are also withholding her National Insurance Stamps from her and attempting to have her removed from the UK.

This is all very frightening for me and her sons, their partners, her grandchildren and the numerous friends she has in the UK and around the world.

You are my MP and you are meant to support me. However, I feel intimidated and completely let down. Laurel’s MP is obviously unable to oppose your court actions.

It is interesting that you have written that ‘No one, including Ministers, can interfere with the decision-making process.’ – but you have!

I wait to hear from you urgently.

Below is the Tribunal Court Case Judgment papers which Laurel has won:

LJ Duut Tribunal case 1LJ Duut Tribunal Case 2Tribunal Letter LJ DuutUpper Tier Tribunal Decision Notice LJ Duut

In the granted appeal document above in paragraph two note the word again JURISDICTION just why has that came up again, as it has already been proven that the Appellant has JURISDICTION and is a UK Resident with a link to the UK i.e being born here.

Furthermore more just why is Iain Duncan Smith appealing a Tribunal Court Decision made nearly a year ago surely that should have been done within 28 days of the decision made not 279 days after.

There appears to be a motive why Iain Duncan Smith wants Laurel out of the country and why her National Insurance Stamps as well as Benefits stopped clearly she is in the way of something perhaps this holds the answers:


My thanks to Laurel for bringing this to my attention.

45 thoughts on “Just when you thought Iain Duncan Smith could not stoop any lower……….

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  2. It is absolutely vital that the daughter give the mother written permission to deal with the DWP & courts & anyone else on her behalf regarding this and any other related matter. Sad but IDS’s letter is completely accurate, without written permission, the mother has no right to deal with her daughter’s case. IDS would be breaking the law to give her any info – indeed, if I recall correctly, even confirming that the daughter is or is not receiving benefits would be a breach. Once she has that written permission (which may need to be photocopied many times and each one signed as a true copy by an appropriate person so that a copy can be sent with the first letter – sent recorded – to each department or organisation) then a similar response by IDS would be completely out of order.

    The government appear to be confused about the daughter’s citizenship. I assume her husband was Dutch and that has thrown the system into disarray – unless the Home Office have decided that her passport and citizenship have been revoked, she should be treated as any British Citizen (currently that’s no assurance of justice either). Perhaps harrassing the Home Office would be more productive than harrassing the DWP? Have they tried bypassing IDS entirely and going to Number 10?

    Good luck to them both. Will link this on my blog & facebook.

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  4. Matthew Hancock: Chocolate teapot comes to mind. From my dealings with him he is attempting to be a mini me of IDS with his dismissive, not really answering the question replies to real and serious concerns of his constituents. As Laural has won the case and IDS/DWP have had their appeals dismissed I wonder if now the matter could be placed into the hands of debt collectors and government buildings entered to remove goods to the value of debts owed? Im at a loss at to what else she could do, other than returning to court to see the ruling enforced. Seems to me that IDS/DWP need to be found in contempt of the court, so arranging for his presence in court for such a hearing could prove expedient as they could then easily ho9ld him in contempt until such a time as he and the DWP deigns to abide by the rule of law.
    My sympathy’s to Laural, this case shows what a chaotic train crash of a situation the DWP and this coalition government are bringing to our country.

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  9. another killer of the sick and disable is this man not carring how he rids thecountry of us by hook or mostly by atos he takes away your benefit while saying he looking after those who need the monies yestheir mates seem to get that which is saved truely a a manimp who shouldn’t be in apposition of power jeff3

  10. Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.”― Harry S. Truman

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  13. And so much for ‘no borders in Europe’ and being an EU citizen… Scary, as this could just as easily have been my story (I’m Dutch, my husband British and a stroke survivor who has just applied for DLA). My heart goes out to the entire family.

  14. absolute disgust does not cover what idsatan is doing to the people. if there was a rope around his neck i would pull the lever and drop him to hell with a smile on my face. and that goes for the rest of the evil mob that govern us. reblogged on twitter and face book..

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  20. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    This is another example of how vile Ian Duncan Smith actually is. The lady in question is writing about her daughter, a British woman born and bred. She was disabled and supported by her husband, Peter, a Dutchman. She was not in receipt of benefits, though her husband was able to support her after the couple moved to Holland. He, however, died after the couple relocated back to Britain. The lady tried to sort out her benefit problems with the DWP. She also approached IDS as her constituency MP. She then received a letter, sent to her by mistake, which revealed that not only was Smith appealing against the courts’ decision to reinstate her benefits for the third time, he was also trying to have her deported. The man is an utter, utter disgrace, devoid of any kind of morality, liberality or greatness of spirit whatsoever. As an historical observation, Smith’s deceit in telling the lady one thing, while trying to get her deported, would have marked him out in the Middle Ages as the lowest of the low. Feudal society was held together by bonds of personal loyalty, and one of the most frequent terms of abuse in medieval literature is ‘traitor’. To abuse someone’s loyalty, to betray someone was to break the very foundations of civilised society. In the Chronicle of Robert Gloucester in the 13th century, Simon de Montfort, the founder of our parliamentary system, stated that he had fought in France and England, and never encountered any treachery like that in this country. In his view, the English baronage were all untrustworthy traitors willing to stab each other in the back. Well, seven centuries have passed since then, but Ian Duncan Smith still lives down to de Montfort’s views.

  21. I actually do not understand any of this. Surely this lady has a birth certificate clearly showing her place and date of birth? You actually do not change nationality if you marry someone from another country. My sister is a British citizen married to a South African but is still a British citizen. It seems to me as though IDS has got the wrong end of the stick because he obviously doesn’t read anything that’s put in front of him. It is NOT the DWP who decides whether someone is legally living in the UK. It’s the UK Border Agency who do that and all they require is a British passport to prove citizenship.

    I am not exactly sure because I don’t know the details, but is it possible that this lady changed her nationality to Dutch after marrying her husband, but because Holland is part of the EU they perhaps didn’t realise? Even so, as an EU national the government cannot deport her unless she has committed a crime or the Border Agency say she is an undesirable.

    I don’t think it’s within IDS’s remit to deport someone and he has to have a very very good reason why he wants that. IDS is not the whole government, he is just one part. It sounds to me as though her claim for DLA is what’s triggered this all off, but for the life of me I cannot understand why.

    She’s a British citizen and a passport holder, that means she is British, end of story.

    • It is all legit as the documents show and furthermore she got the court papers in the post today she is and has always been a british national there is a further link here

    • They went as far as covering up by destroying here national insurance records, she had to get NI records from her employers to bring a case to the ombudsman, indeed it is a long complicated trail of events that should never have happened.

      • IDS is obviously going to very great efforts to deny her her birthright and this begs the question of why. Why on earth is one person being made such an example of. I find myself wondering if IDS is now in the position where he has gone so far with this, he cannot now back down without losing face. This man seriously needs to be put out of office, the damage he is doing to other human beings is horrific.

      • It is my firm believe that Laurel is not the only one and there are others, indeed it is all part of cost cutting even if this is costing more than it will save but that is the same in welfare reform as a whole.

        I have seen some great injustices and that must end and I ask what sort of a nation have we become when does money come before life?

    • Anni Selby says:
      It is NOT the DWP who decides whether someone is legally living in the UK. It’s the UK Border Agency who do that and all they require is a British passport to prove citizenship…….

      i know this above involves living in another country for a short time. but what about all those people living in Britain, born and bred here of British parents with a family tree going back to as far as you can research it?? who have never left the UK so therefore never had a passport? surely, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and /or official divorce docs should also be used to prove British citizenship./.. otherwise where does that leave such as me and my grown up daughter, neither of us have ever been abroad not even for a shopping trip to Calais.and have never needed a passport my lineage goes back to 1600 on my dads side and long before 1700 on my mums.does not having a passport put us at risk? cos looking at that it would seem so

  22. im just about ready to give up, my mind is blown by the things that IDS has done in the past, but this case is beyond belief..I just cant comprehend, or understand what is actually going on in his head. is he mad, stupid, delusional, power crazey, or a combination of all four things. IDS is clearly not only a danger to the people of the UK, but also to himself….it is innevatable that not in the too distant future he is going to be so consumed by his overbearing desire for ultimate power over the people of Britain, that he will do himself some serious damage mentally. IDS has clearly lost the plot, he thinks that he can take on the big boys in court and win a case that he has already lost…..please, please please, someone put him and us out of our misery, before he comes up with any more bright ideas..i can only say, that its a good job he is not involved with the MOD. nuclear war comes to mind. hes a sick man and has to go.

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