The something for nothing myth

In this article I am going to focus on Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or what is now know as due to the welfare reform act as Personal Independance Payment (PIP) which is a joke of a name as it is miles away from true personal independance for those claiming it due to disabilities brought on by illnesses they were either born with or suffered a tragic event in life.

As the title says The something for nothing myth” is where I am going to focus my little energy today in the hope of dispelling that myth and hope to educate of few citizens mainly due to the many negative comments I have read on social media sites.

DLA/PIP is paid as a non-means-tested, non-contributory benefit in the United Kingdom introduced in 1992 and scheduled for phase-out between 2013 and 2016, in relation to adults only, for whom it is to be replaced by a new Personal Independence Payment.

DLA/PIP comes with rwo elements care and mobility although under welfare reform the care element has been reduced from 3 levels to just two.

It is paid by Government because it addresses the imbalance to equality and the additional expence those with disabilities have which is over and above what the able bodied person would have to pay.

Now I hear you all saying what aditional expense does the disabled communities up and down this nation have that able-bodied citizens don’t well you have come to the right place as I asked that question to my social media friends and colleagues and they came up with the answers for you doubters which I quote below:

comments 1 comments 2 comments 3 comments 4 comments 5 comments 6 comments 7 comments 8 comments 9 comments 10 comments 11 comments 12 comments 13 comments 14 comments 15 comments 16 comments 17 comments 18

As you can see from these comments DLA/PIP is used to pay for a wide number of things that the able-bodied do not need and which comes at a considerable cost and in many cases over and above what the Government pays out.

So the short minded something for nothing myth is busted and many of you would do well not listening to so much baloney and instead if you have doubts interact with the Disabled Communities because as many have explained here I am sure they too will explain to you that a life as a disabled person is not a bed of roses and all they ask is that they have the same respect and dignity and be left alone to get on with there lives after all is that not what you wish.

My Thanks goes to all those at Fightback for contributing to this blog

Another shout out for the #Wowpetition PLEASE it still needs signatures here:


6 thoughts on “The something for nothing myth

  1. This articla is brilliant Leon, I wasn’t quick enough to put my story in so I will do here re: my DLA and how it helps my daily life with my disabilities. As I have recently ben granted my second application of dla with my mobility and care needs increasing. So, I have to use my dla to top up our bills and heating and food. As well as having to take busses and now taxi’s door to door if we need go into town or to the hosptial for appointmens when we can’t have hospital transport. More recently over the last few months, visiting family and close friends even up the road we are unable to get up the hill even with two walking sticks both of us. Which is madness. And my dear parents who are in local nursing homes we have to catch taxies door to door, as by the time we have travelled by bus we are in so much pain we unable to walk rest of way. The heating has gone up so we have to pay double gas and electric and the food shopping has rocketed even on basics we still have to buy normal stuff and now the cold and damp weather is here which is cutting through our damaged nerves and bones and in chronic pain each and every day, the heavy meds are not as effitiant anylonger. So we have to buy tiger balm for mucles and arthritic pain, heat opad by the dozen packs per fortnight which adds up. We are having to call the ot’s to help us with any addaptions to the flat that need to be done. Plus, raised cussiions, coccyx cusions, neck, back and knees supports. We spend most days indoors and practically housebound and when the pain gets unbearable we snuggle up. The smallest room is the bedroom we tend to live in the bedroom as it is smaller to heat. Even Daisy May is sleeping in the bedroom now, is to cold in the bedroom. There is extreme damp in the flat mainly in the bedroom, we have managed to control to a certain extent, and the housing association wont do anything we have tried many years now. We are still on the Home Choice rehousing to a ground floor flat, but we can’t see that happening for some time. So we do what we do when we can. The dla heps to keep us going other wise we would not be able to cope indeed. But we are still blessed as we have a bed and roof and food on the table, so we thank each day the Lord for our blessings and our prayers go out to all our sisters and brothers in Austerity In Solidarity. God Bless you all, all those loved n lost and their families too. May the Lord keep you warm and safe in his Love and Grace AMEN XXX

    • Thank You Suzanna the truth in all this is seriously lacking due to Govt, Press and Media which then feeds into the publics negative persective so that is all I am trying to do is balance the book.

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