My letter to Cameron.

David Cameron MP
10 Downing Street

1st October 2013

A Party not fit to govern

Dear Mr Cameron,

On the eve of your so called great speech at the ConDem Nation Conference I sit here to reflect on your Governance as Prime Minister since May 2010 and think blimey we as a nation are going to the dogs (no disrespect to dogs as even they have more brains than you and certainly care more).

In this term of yours (which I remind that you NEVER won so getting off to a great start already) I have read much press and watched much media and thus is not hard to come to the conclusion that the wrecking ball you swing at those less fortunate that you is in full swing oh how those born into a life of wealth love to preach to those below them that in itself stinks rotten.

I like many will not be watching you tomorrow for 1.5 hours as it will be much the same full of lies, deceit, and downright baloney and a man who can appeal to a few and not the many is not my kind of Prime Minister remember the saying “A man will be judge on how he treats all” well that is very relevant because that is how you will be judged.

I gave a child some money today which should not be my business to do so but he was not older than 10 and was hungry he was standing outside the shop asking for pennies as his mum was struggling to pay her bills and thus food was short so I have him £2 to buy a pie.

That is called empathy and compassion two words you either refuse to acknowledge or do not understand I rate myself higher than you because I have understanding which you don’t.

You say it is all to win the global race what race exactly one that destroys a nation so the few corporations can get to the top? Is that not brutal capitalism where nothing at all matters except money which is becoming a dirty word in itself? And what you are trying to do is akin to jumping the river and landing in a pile of dung.

There is more to a fulfilled life than money alone which you and your paymasters are destroying, you said you are lowering the deficit in 2010 well we are still waiting as it has not happened and never will with a fractional reserve banking system. You also said you would never sell of the nation’s prized asset the NHS that was a lie too and probably the biggest of all but do you know what I really hate? Liars from the highest office of all, the government.

Cutting of a person’s dignity and self-worth via welfare reform, teaching our children how to survive instead of thrive in education, abolishing legal aid to those most in need of representation in an area of ever increasing red tape which by the way you also said you would cut is befitting of a model prime minister my you do deserve a medal!
Encase you haven’t noticed the nation is waking up to your shame of governance and the next election will be your death nail as prime minister along with your corrupt frontbench why? Because you have made one big mistake in thinking the nation are fools which they are far from indeed they are something you lot are not law abiding citizens.

So for me I will here and wait patiently for May 2015 and hope the next government will repeal many of the draconian policies you have made law and actively campaign against both the liberal democrats and the conservatives.

Not yours


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