Stephen Timms Backs Campaign To Make ‘Fit For Work’ Tests Fairer For Mental Health Issues

Think Labour

Stephen Timms MPLabour’s Stephen Timms MP is backing a campaign by the mental health charity Rethink to make the controversial Work Capability Assessment fairer and more accurate for those with mental health problems.

The Work Capability Assessment was first introduced by a Labour government in 2008 and the contract to carry out the assessments on sick and disabled benefit claimants was awarded to the private health firm Atos Healthcare. Labour were to review both the WCA and the contract with Atos Healthcare in 2010 once its 2 year period expired, but defeat in the 2010 general election led to the Tory led coalition extending the contract and,.. according to some commentators, toughening the WCA.

Rethink are campaigning for improvements to the process which determines a person’s capability and readiness to return to work after evidence emerged that those with mental health issues, which have a negative effect on their ability to work…

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