Letter to Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP

Rt Hon Mr Liam Byrne MP

Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

House of Commons,




Dear Mr Byrne,

I have been watching the Labour Party Conference with much interest a given really considering the mess that has been building up under the coalition so I thought it was time to write to you, after all you will not be much help going forward without some input from the electorate.

Firstly I would like to say Thank You for allowing Sue Marsh to take the stage and speak despite jumping in as she is a lady with passion and fighting for many of us and I enjoyed listening to what she had to say which will become apparent as you read on.

The Labour Party made mistakes and errors in the past and it is for that reason I have been a floating voter since May 2010 having always been both a labour supporter and voter, however we must not forget no party has been perfect for as long as I can remember and certainly not the present coalition but the labour party shines above the rest for one reason.

No other party has done more than the Labour Party to raise the living standards in many areas and try to end poverty than any other party.

 That I believe to be the bedrock of any party and what will stand the test of time in office.

We have 19 months until the next election some may say a long time but I say not at all as you have much work to do to get the electorates trust back and show that you can lead where others follow.

Many citizens including myself have had enough of this phoney austerity policy which has done nothing than bring anxiety and despair to all sections of society other than their own, the deficit has gone up not down the selling off of the public’s assets has continued, state support to our elderly, children, ill and disabled has been cut to levels that are inhumane, The WCA is not fit for purpose and must be scraped before the next election, the bedroom tax is defunct and causing homelessness and hardship to many, The energy market is a rip off and serves no one except its shareholders.

You may think I am anti-capitalist which I am not capitalism is good for growth, however the capitalism we are seeing now is nothing short of brutal and rampant in every section of business that has to change as the financial sector has free rein to do as they please, they still have not apologised for the mess they left in 2007/08 and which goes on unabated.

The citizens only have pockets so deep and they are now digging ever so deeper to find the pennies to keep themselves above water so let’s see some compassion, empathy and ethics in everything the Government do and that must start from day one with labour if they want my vote and the votes of many others.

I am a 50 year old male from Hampshire and have my own issues that extent to many areas I am disabled due to SAH Stroke and thus have dominant right sided spasticity, I like many are suffering under the coalition disability reforms.

I live in this house with my mum in law who is virtually bed bound due to many health conditions and has dementia I share her caring needs which are 24/7 with my wife it works well with her part-time working and we would not have it any other way as we see it as our duty plus we have lost all faith in care homes and thus prefer to be responsible ourselves.

However our mum in law lives in a pokey box bedroom that is too small for her needs as she had to move out of her larger bedroom to make way for my son his fiancé and our 1 yr. old grandson, they should have their own home by now but both government and local authority rules prevent that happening.

We also have another son in the other box bedroom so as you can see we are overcrowded which is not good when there are also two disabled persons living in the house indeed it gets heated at times

I am disabled by its very definition so why after 17 years of hard labour work post stroke am I having to fight so hard for the help and support I am entitled too? I am old school and thus not lazy, feckless or any other word the Government, press and media love to use I volunteer part time to a charity that is very dear to me The Stroke Association as well as care for our mum in law is that not enough?

There is no full employment for me because I am one of many stuck between a rock and a very hard place as no employer wants a 50 yr old with disability that is the reality that MP’s do not see I have been there and done it when I got made redundant in September 2007 due to the financial crash.

I am just keeping my head above water as it is however we have no spare cash and thus live in fear of interest rates rising as that will be our cut off point if that does happen because due to not getting the right amount of govt support and ever increasing price rises in food, energy and travel we will not be able to sustain any increase in mortgage payment indeed a personal crash waiting to happen as it has done in the USA due to foreclosures.

As you can see you have a lot of work to do Mr Byrne and I hold my breath that your party will be not only my savour but the savour to many others as I am not alone.

Finally I leave you with one thought to ponder, money is not the be all and end all as some things like life are bigger than money alone.

We live in an area which has a conservative safe seat I hope come May 2015 that can change as my MP is a useless fool who does not care.

Good Luck

Yours Sincerely

 Leon Carter

CC. Ed Miliband



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