Another excellent letter to Government, Oh dear… To Late!

This is a follow on letter from yesterdays I published on this blog here:

Sent to: Prime Minister, No10, David Cameron, Grant Shapps, Ursula Morgenstern
cc’d to: Ed Miliband,

Subject: Oh dear… To Late!

Prime Minister.

Yesterday, I wrote in an email to you and half the rest of the population of that fantasy land you inhabit:

Gove“[Shappie Chappie’s] just miffed because [Ms Rolnik] exposed the crimes against humanity that his lying buddy, Psychosmiffy has been committing, and will take information about them (and more, unless I miss my guess) back to Switzerland for her superiors to view in detail and discuss. With this in mind, I have a feeling that Ms Rolnik is likely to be just the first of a long line of inspectors and investigators who will want to scrutinise what you and your Ministers have been up to in your baseless war against the poor.”

Well, it looks, now, as if Shappie Chappie’s whingeing, based on either ignorance or lies (you know which), has upset Ms Rolnik to the point where the gloves have been taken off entirely. This is where a real statesman would have known better than to go Rolnikmouthing off to the Beeb, you see. Whereas Shappie Chappie is still “Green” when it comes to political swordplay.

Two rules in life:

1. NEVER upset a woman, and
2. NEVER, really *NEVER* upset a woman who has access to way bigger political guns than you do.

In the wider world, the petulant Shappie Chappie is the political equivalent of a pea-shooter, and his BBC shenanigans has now served to ensure that that long line of UN investigators (rail-gun equivalents) will now be practically falling over themselves to get in here and start measuring you lot for string neck-ties. Collar size is so important, after all. Hopefully they won’t overlook this smeggy little knob-end as well while they’re at it:

SPOKEven though he’s one of the (so far) Gang Of Three – that’s him, you and Maude – who’ve started sticking the knives into Psychosmiffy, this remark was totally uncalled-for and utterly typical of the spiteful bully-boy tactics that your government has dumped on the poor and disadvantaged since May 2010. Every MP who has held a Ministerial position in your government now needs to be looking over their shoulders all the time, thanks to Shappie Chappie’s runaway mouth.

UNEven for bully-boys, there’s one Golden Rule in the Playground of Life, and it shows how little you made of your education at your charity school that you didn’t manage to learn even this one lesson: There Is Always Someone Bigger Than You. Now you’ve met them. They’ll be recording the coming squeals for mercy as far away as New Zealand, I expect, because even a pig at slaughter can’t squeal louder than a caught bully.

I don’t know about building that toy railway that I also mentioned yesterday, Prime Minister. You might, now, just want to tie yourself and your gang of hoodlums to the existing London-Birmingham line, in front of a moving express instead, because I have feeling that, one way or another, you and they have just become “terminal” cases. Ms Raquel Rolnik, UN Angel of Mercy, I humbly salute you.


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