UN housing investigator’s report exposes Shapps’ lies

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The British Government refuses to conduct a cumulative impact assessment of its welfare reforms on the grounds that it is too difficult to do – that the changes are too complicated.Yet the DWP has the unmitigated gall to demand “actual hard research and data” from Ms. Raquel Rolnik, UN Special Rapporteur for adequate housing, who is calling for the bedroom tax to be abolished.They have missed a fundamental point: it’s truly remarkable that Tories loudly attribute the capacity for moral agency to other people – everyone else in fact – people claiming benefits, for example, formulating sanctions and “assessments” to both shape and question the morality of the poor constantly, or demanding more and more “evidence” from anyone that challenges, yet the Tories think they stand outside of any obligation to morality themselves.
It’s always someone else’s responsibility, never theirs. Any claim to value-freedom in decision-making, in any case, does…

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Letter to Mr Cameron and Others

From my good friend Darren Lynch who deserves a mention for his tireless work in helping to bring out the truth Thank You Darren. https://www.facebook.com/Grumblywuth

Sent to:Prime Minister, No10, David Cameron, Grant Shapps, George Osborne, DWP Ministers. DCLG, LMPS
cc’d to: infodesk@ohchr.org, Ed miliband, byrnel@parliament.uk

Subject: You still mad?

Prime Minister.

keepcalmstayput(1)It would appear that someone didn’t send Shappie Chappie the memo about the UN investigator coming to town. He’s obviously been kept out of the loop because every statement he’s made about Ms Rolnik’s visit has immediately been proven to be either false of completely misinformed. I imagine you’ve already seen it, but here’s the link to her preliminary report anyway: http://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=13706&LangID=E . Shappie Chappie isn’t overly chuffed that Ms Rolnik called the bedroom Tax by its proper name either. Personally I like people who give things like the Bedroom Tax their proper name because then everyone knows what the bejasus they’re talking about. So, all praise to Ms Rolnik for calling the Bedroom Tax “The Bedroom Tax” and not the sham, hide-it-under-the-carpet name that the DWP and Shappie Chappie keep trying to convince everyone is the right one. When one of them can show me this Tax listed as a “subsidy” on an historical welfare/benefits statement borrowed from a claimant or former claimant, then I will accept the term that they keep trying to foist off on people. Not before.

Here’s the link to the Youtube video showing Ms Rolnik speaking to the Manchester witnesses http://youtu.be/Eei259XupvM . As always, with these videos, I’ve downloaded this one so that it doesn’t do one of those amazing disappearing tricks that the DWP seem to be so fond of engineering when it comes to embarrassing footage. Mind you, Grayskull doesn’t have to worry about this one, so it might just stay put.

Ms Rolnik said two very important things in her Manchester speech. She said that the Bedroom Tax is a “violation of rights” and that it is “retrogressive.” She – a UN official who specialises in housing matters – also said that it should be suspended immediately. That’s the UN speaking, not some tin-pot Departmental head within the unelected government of an island that no-one listens to any more. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the first lawsuit to be mounted against the DWP and, in particular, Psychosmiffy, for the loss of a relative to suicide brought on by the Bedroom Tax. Get your wallet out, Prime Minister. Do you reckon that Psychosmiffy might do a Shirley Porter and b*gger off to Israel? (He asked hopefully.) I know a huge number of people who’d gladly chip in for the air fare. When’s Porter going to be brought back, stripped of her Queen’s honour and bundled off to the pokey for seven years for fraud, by the way?

I’m not sure if your people are being deliberately obtuse, or if they’re just plain thick, Prime Minister. They’re still rattling on about this Bedroom Tax “freeing up larger properties” which, as we’ve all known for a long time is a complete load of cobblers. When ninety-six per cent of people affected by the Tax have nowhere smaller to move into, exactly how does the government expect these larger properties to be freed up? OK, you’ve got all those who’ve been evicted and those who’ve very helpfully done their bit for Q&C by committing suicide rather than become destitute, but it’s hardly the way for a peacetime government to manage a population, is it? All in all, then, Psychosmiffy’s Bedroom Tax is nothing less than simple extortion. ISN’T IT? Ooo, look – there’s another crime for the Lumpies to ignore.

I think you ought to take Shappie Chappie’s crayon away from him, because if he writes to the Secretary General of the UN, he’s liable to get blisters from the reply that he’ll receive. If they even bother to waste their time on a reply to the petulant little boy. It was known one month in advance (at least) that Ms Rolnik was coming to the UK. If the government had not invited her, or did not want her to be here, then there was more than ample opportunity for it to refuse her entry. She arrived here. That says it all. SC’s just miffed because she exposed the crimes against humanity that his lying buddy, Psychosmiffy has been committing, and will take information about them (and more, unless I miss my guess) back to Switzerland for her superiors to view in detail and discuss. With this in mind, I have a feeling that Ms Rolnik is likely to be just the first of a long line of inspectors and investigators who will want to scrutinise what you and your Ministers have been up to in your baseless war against the poor. As I told Psychosmiffy ages ago, continuing a policy even though he had been informed on numerous occasions, including in the Commons Chamber itself, that there is a proven direct link between it and suicides, means that he can only have been intent upon procuring more of those suicides. The relevant portion of the Suicide Act of 1961 has been copied and stored in all manner of places, so trying to overwrite it now would be folly indeed. A crime has been committed; the London Metropolltaxdefending Police Service has failed repeatedly to act to prevent its ongoing commission and that, Prime Minister, is also a crime. It’s called conspiracy to procure the suicides of vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

While Ms Rolnik was here, she “had one meeting with a senior official of the Department for Work and Pensions,” according to that Department’s statement to the BBC (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-24046094). This kind of blows Shappie Chappie’s assertion that she met with no government officials into a cocked hat. She also met, albeit briefly, with Bikkie-Boy Pickles, which kind of underlines the idea that maybe Shappie Chappie isn’t playing on the same tennis court as everyone else in Whitewash and Wasteminster.

So, all in all, no-one is really surprised that Ms Rolnik is hitting back at Shappie Chappie for telling porkies, is it? (http://www.insidehousing.co.uk/regulation/un-expert-fights-back-after-bias-allegation/6528506.article#commentsubmitted) I doubt that “spin” (lying) is going to work to convince the UK public this time, because after the way Psychosmiffy has been treating the BBC, I think they’re likely to suffer from an embarrassing outbreak of honesty and report everything about this visit with scrupulous fairness. It’s known as having one’s pigeons coming home to roost.

An interesting point of note here: Keith Ordinary Guy, Katy Anchant, Sarah Tomkins, Paul Fussey and myself have all been saying in letters and emails to you and your Ministers over the last six months to a year that if your government invested in social housing you would benefit the economy more than Osborne’s austerity rubbish would. You’ve all chosen to ignore that advice, and now you’ve embarrassed yourselves in front of the entire United Nations by having to suffer it being spelled out to you by their specialist as a result of her visit. I bet Mugabe will be rolling on the floor in uncontrollable paroxysms of mirth when he reads in the UN gazette that the British government stands condemned for human rights abuses.

Now I can move on to Universal Credit, the oncoming train crash that Psychosmiffy also started running. It would appear that you, Prime Minister, cannot find a way to agree with him that it will be delivered on time and on budget by 2017. Even that date is later than originally scheduled. (http://news.sky.com/story/1139960/david-cameron-raises-universal-credit-doubts)

“The National Audit Office concluded that universal credit had been badly managed, overly ambitious and poor value for money.
It warned that £34m invested in a new IT system had already been written off, with the full roll-out already pushed back from 2014 to 2017.
Mr Duncan Smith pointed the finger of blame at civil servants, some of who had been sacked. He told Parliament there was no question about any further delays.”

Now, as we’ve become used to your party’s double-speak, that last sentence has something of a question mark hanging over it. We must, based on his performance to date, take it that Psychosmiffy means that further delays to the coming UC fiasco are inevitable. He’s sacked his IT specialists, after refusing to listen to their expert advice. Now he has no-one left to turn to and he’s dug himself such a deep hole that he has no way out of it. He’s destroying what little credibility the ConDem government has left.

Talking about credibility, Osborne’s been tracing letters and numbers with his special pencil again. (http://news.conservatives.com/interface/external_view_email.php?P921438423574256776432926323716&varId&utm_campaign=Economy+Sept&utm_source=emailCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content) . Some nonsense about 1.4 million new private sector jobs being created. This is the new Toryspeak for Workfare placements, is it? Those “make work” jobs that have caused more regular unemployment because the likes of Poundland sacked all their regular workers to take on Workfarers instead? Those make-work jobs that are funded entirely by the taxpayers and therefore do not relieve them of any financial burden whatsoever? Those “jobs?” By sending out his memo to Conservative supporters, Osborne has done nothing but paint them as a bunch of brainless dolts who can’t figure out when they’re being had for fools. Is it something genetic with Tories, or is it that they’re too busy concentrating on the itchy tweed underwear to notice the small print?

Nowhere is the Tories’ clockwork robot syndrome more apparent than with HS2, and it underlines the question about obtuseness vs mental ability. (http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/hs2-rail-boost-economy-15bn-022040688.html) . Where, exactly does the idea come from that this piece of out of date rubbish will boost the economy by £15bn? You’re going to spend £42.6bn to get £15bn back. Good game, good game.

How, precisely, is a rail line that will only initially go to Birmingham going to “aid regional economies,” pray? “Mr McLoughlin will point to a new analysis by KPMG, commissioned by HS2 Ltd, which shows that the boost to Birmingham’s economy will be equivalent to 2.1% to 4.2% of the city region’s GDP, there will be a 0.8% to 1.7% benefit to Manchester, 1.6% for Leeds and 0.5% for Greater London.” So, the analysis was commissioned by the very company that will want to put the brightest possible shine on the information available. This doesn’t strike anyone as being a bit… ummm… BIASED? KPMG will want to be paid for their work, so they’re hardly likely to alienate their client by saying that the whole thing is pie in the sky, are they? Good grief!! And once the Fwaw-Fwaw Brigade start brandishing all those neatly folded copies of the FT as they pass the Embankment on the Tube, the backdraft will likely lead to claims for compensation from the USA for the tornado damage that will be caused in Ohio and Kansas.

Your government says it can’t afford the NHS; it says it can’t afford to keep those who need looking after safe and secure; but you can waste £42.6bn on a toy railway. Maybe you SHOULD go ahead and build it, so that when the terrorists of whatever day it happens to be blow up the tracks, we can get rid of 350+ bags of total idiocy in one fell swoop, twice as fast as we could with a normal train. Let’s face it, only the top 10% of the country will be able to afford to use the damn thing, and then only if they want to. Most working people won’t even be able to afford BUS fare, the way you’re going about things. We’ll be well shot of those riding on the prestige target when the terrorists’ dynamite goes kablooey, that’s for sure. It might turn out to be a day when I’ll put an extra spoonful of sugar in my tea in celebration. Maybe then we can get some real statesmen and women into Parliament.


UN housing investigator’s report exposes Shapps’ lies

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Oh, so she wasn’t invited by the government and she didn’t visit government offices, did she?

And did she really not use the proper terms for government policies like the bedroom tax?

The press statement by Raquel Rolnik, UN special rapporteur on adequate housing, on her mission to examine the effects of the bedroom tax on the people of the UK suggests otherwise. In no uncertain terms.

Once again, Grant Shapps is exposed as a liar.

He is the chairman of the Conservative Party, the organisation that tells us it is running the country, and you can’t believe a word he says.

But we’ll let the report speak for itself, shall we?

London, 11 September 2013


From 29 August to 11 September 2013, I undertook an official visit to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the invitation of the Government. My visit included…

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Backlash To Benefit Bashing Is Only Just Beginning

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British-Social-Attitudes-SurveyThe reported shift in public opinion in favour of social security spending is likely to be just the beginning as yet more horrific tales emerge of poverty and homelessness due to Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms.

The findings of the British Social Attitudes survey released this week suggests that despite this Government’s benefit bashing rhetoric, public opinion is starting to shift in favour of claimants.  The key findings are that only 51% of people believe benefits are too high and discourage work – compared to 63% in 2011, whilst 34% of people support more spending on benefits compared to 28% the previous year.  Another encouraging finding is that almost half of people (47%) believe that further cuts to benefits would damage too many people’s lives.

From the endless thunderous headlines in some sections of the press – often dripping with DWP concocted lies – it would be easy to assume…

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