Oi Nick and Margaret, We Pay Your Wages!

the void

happytopaybenefitsProfessional arse-licker Nick Hewer (@Nick_Hewer) knows all about scrounging money from the tax payer.  Recently he was part of an £3.5 million ad campaign to promote DWP pension reforms.  As viewers of The Apprentice will know, Hewer is not the type of man to bite the hand that feeds him.  This is perhaps one reason why last night’s documentary – unpleasantly called We Pay Your Benefits – portrayed a benefits system that is a million miles away from the one experienced by most claimants in their daily lives.

When not fleecing the DWP, Hewer, along with co-presenter Margaret Mountford are both on the take from the television licence payer.  Both have been paid handsomely for a string of publicly funded TV shows – which is nice work if you can get it, if you can call it work, which you can’t.

Being a volunteer youth worker, or a single parent…

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