Who is worse local or central Government………..

The council are discriminating against me so I have started to blog it and fight back.

Before I came out of work we was paying full council tax on the button every month and little did I know until I researched it after being made redundant that my wife was disregarded and entitled to a 25% discount going right back until 1992 when council tax started due to being a carer so suffix to say we claimed this back and got a refund of 7k

Now ever since being made redundant and claiming council tax benefit we have been hounded with at least 6 different amounts to pay due to constant re assessment indeed it has done my nut in as we never know how much to pay and thus stressed me out no end.

This has continued this year too and we originally had a bill for just over £300 which was inc my wifes 25% discount and the council tax benefit so was happy until 4 weeks later and they phoned up saying they want to reassess and thus requested proof of income when they know what are income is because they are linked to DWP and HMRC and can see everything on the screens in front of them.

Anyway I struggle with all this for reasons I have recently blogged about so I forgot about it all and thus a bill was sent again for the full amount so I emailed them the info they requested only to be sent this:

Dear Mr Carter,

Thank you for your email.

Your claim has been cancelled from 17 February 2013 due to the information not being received within the given time limit.

If you wish to have your claim reinstated, you will need to complete a new claim form and a request a Revision of the Decision to cancel your claim.

Please advise me if you would like a new claim form to be posted to you.


Benefit Assessor
For and On Behalf of
Havant Borough Council

They know I struggle because of an SAH Stroke so why could they not just send the bloody form out as they know I am entitled to benefit and why could they not just reinstate it instead of pissing me about.

Anyway I have just read this:

The severely mentally impaired

2(1)A person shall be disregarded for the purposes of discount on a particular day if—
(a)on the day he is severely mentally impaired;

(b)as regards any period which includes the day he is stated in a certificate of a registered medical practitioner to have been or to be likely to be severely mentally impaired; and

(c)as regards the day he fulfils such conditions as may be prescribed by order made by the Secretary of State.

(2)For the purposes of this paragraph a person is severely mentally impaired if he has a severe impairment of intelligence and social functioning (however caused) which appears to be permanent.

(3)The Secretary of State may by order substitute another definition for the definition in sub-paragraph (2) above as for the time being effective for the purposes of this paragraph.

This comes from the Local Government Finance Act 1992 and I think we are in fact entitled to a 50% discount due to my mental disability which would result in about 8k due back to me.

I was going to let this go as I could not be bothered fighting for it but they have wound me up so much these past few years I bloody well am going to claim it back because I have had enough.

SAH Stroke 7th April 1990 so going back to when council tax started in 1992 adds up to a tidy sum


3 thoughts on “Who is worse local or central Government………..

  1. ive been paying full council tax till this last time ive had sah stroke mental illnes and bad with letters and thing i have not had any money till now and that was fuss got a mental health person to help me get council tax but before now it came out of bank from my dla i had nothing else oh sda paid all myself ive had no help

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