The Phoney Austerity Plan

British-Government11There is no clearer evidence that the austerity measures we british citizens have been forced to take are (indeed as defined in the dictionary from Camerons very own constituency oxford)  phoney .

Some of you may well ask why so here is my reasons why for which I am sure many of you will agree:

Whilst we all struggle under this phony austerity, the Government far from leading by example give themselves a 20k pay rise more than many of us earn in a year, but what makes this even more astounding is the fact they are paid generously anyway and do not need it indeed they can live very comfortably on their present earnings and far better than any of us mere mortals can  it is a waste how do you think those being forced to pay bedroom tax, those havings cuts forced on them like disability benefits and the many other cuts will feel, it is akin to spitting on the grave of those that have died under this regime.

Not only that every MP should be forced to vote Yes or No in there amendments and early day motions and NOT abstain because while doing so they fail in their duty as a serving MP that’s right SERVING because they are civil servants working for us and they should all vote with a clear head on what they feel is best for their constituents and the greater good of the electorate, so on that basis it is a massive fail because they have NOT earned the pay rise.

We are seeing a nation disgrace to governance where MP’s put their own interests in front of what is best for the nation as a whole and while many of us struggle day to day, hour by hour they sit there sticking their fingers up and virtually saying fuck you.

I will be emailing my MP and the IPSA and I strongly suggest you all do too as this IS a sham Government on national and international proportions.

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IPSA (Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority)